Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Mithos56, a small indie developer, is creating a new adult adventure game – Meridiana’s Magical Investigations. A work in progress, the game will focus on the story of a female protagonist as she takes on contracts to rid the world of dark beings.

One of the great things about modern video game development is the ability for small teams to dream big. The advent of commercial computing means anyone skilled enough can try their hand at any number of pursuits, and it’s brought us countless highly regarded titles. The story is much the same in the adult market, with many small dev teams working tirelessly to bring their game to life. The introduction of Patreon has only fueled this fire, allowing young developers to seek financial backing through their fans. Unconstrained by big publishers, we can see great things come out of people.

Today we’re looking at another title that fits this style of development – Meridiana’s Magical Investigations. Currently in development by Mithos56, the game is being built from the ground up with the help of Unreal Engine 4. Unreal made some concessions for small developers, helping them build their games without needing to purchase the tool right away. This means we get to see fully 3D titles that take advantage of Unreal’s capabilities, expanding the possibilities for adult entertainment. That’s exactly what Mithos56 is doing with Meridiana’s Magical Investigations, a game all about the fantastical adventures of our heroine, Meridiana.

While Meridiana’s Magical Investigations is a working title, Meridiana herself is unquestionably the star of the show. The game will follow her story as she conquers mystical beasts and dark cults, undertaking contracts to cleanse the lands of evil. Meridiana is a sorceress, a magician proficient with different styles of magic. These skills will aid her in her quest, allowing her to fend off the monsters that would see her dead. Players will have a number of these spells at their disposal, as well as other abilities like teleportation that augment her combat proficiency.

While Meridiana’s Magical Investigations is very much still under development, Mithos56 already has a fair amount to show off. Mithos56 works primarily alone, though he does receive some help from others, meaning that most of the work up until now is a one man job. That said, things are looking good so far, with animations and models already underway, and a sexy design for main character Meridiana. Mithos56 has also created some test worlds for players to sink their teeth into, which includes a demonstration of some of the more major game mechanics.

Your primary skills come in the form of the aforementioned magical abilities. Currently, there are three major spells at your disposal – blast back, energy blast and homing light. Each spell will do something different, like casting an area of effect, or simply firing a volley of energy. This can be used to fend off the creatures you encounter, though doing so depletes your magic pool. Meridiana also has a stamina bar, which plays into the teleportation mechanic, governing how much and how often you can pull it off. Meridiana can also sneak, which is used for some interesting, alternative combat methods that we’ll get to in a moment.

While Mithos56 aims to create a game that’s both interesting and  fun to play, a major appeal will most certainly be the adult content. One look at Meridiana’s character design will tell players all they need to know, as her body is barely covered by tiny slivers of fabric. Meridiana’s Magical Investigations will feature strong sexual content, some of which has already been implemented in test environments. Meridiana herself is definitely a sight for sore eyes, and her sexy figure is sure to draw attention.

The sexual content will come in a variety of forms. Certain game mechanics will allow for different approaches, such as a stealthy sneak seduction to lure enemies to their doom. Your sexual prowess will allow you to convert enemies to your cause if you so choose, rallying them behind your ample bosom as an ally. For the most part, enemies won’t engage in sexual contact of their own accord, but Meridiana will need to use them to regain energy. Seducing an enemy will also allow you to have sex with them, which replenishes your magic power. Your magic power functions like a life force for Meridiana, so it’s important to keep on top of things; perhaps even literally.

If you want to check out Mithos56 and his work on Meridiana’s Magical Investigations, you will find most of the information on his Patreon page . Mithos also has a number of other spots that he frequents; you can find his Tumblr page where he posts artwork here , as well as his Picarto channel where he streams his development. Currently, most content is available to Patreon backers first and foremost, but he does eventually release content to the public. You’ll find the most recent demo of the game right here, but keep an eye on Mithos’ Patreon page for all the latest updates. Finally, for a quick peek at Meridiana in all her glory, check out the video below.

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