Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

The medieval adult RPG Overwhored has been officially released. Announced today by developer Cypress Zeta, the game is now available to any and all who wish to play it.

It’s good to see a developer achieve their goals, especially when it’s taken them some time to get there. Indie developer Cypress Zeta would probably concur, having just announced the final release of his new game, Overwhored. We’ve been following Overwhored for nearly a year now, tracking its progress all the way up until now. It’s taken five years to get here, but the game is finally out there for all to see.

The news was announced today by Zeta himself on the game’s development blog. In a short message, Zeta gave some quick details on the journey, opening with a somewhat relieved “it has been a wild ride, everyone”. Zeta appears to be very grateful for all the support he’s had over the years. Zeta is a user of the Patreon service, without which this likely wouldn’t have been possible.

For those of you unaware, Overwhored is an interesting spin on the traditional RPG. Based on a parody of traditional theology and the original Overlord series of games, Overwhored places you in the boots of the Overmind. Similar to the anti-hero of Overlord, our own Overmind seeks nothing but power, and will stop at nothing to take over the mind of every woman in the land. Of course, he’s not just in it for kicks, as he plans to bed each and every one of them too.

Overwhored was made in RPG Maker, the handy tool that’s allowed more than one adult content creator to realize their dreams. Overwhored makes use of RPG Maker’s capabilities, allowing you to gather a party and roam the land seeking revenge for your initial defeat. RPG Maker also allows for some decent customization, which has let Zeta implement a number of raunchy sex scenes for a job well done. Monsters all have their own unique art too, so there’s a lot to appreciate.

If you want to check out Overwhored for yourself, the game is available on either Bad Kitty Games or on a mirror here . You can check out our own coverage of the game  to get a feel for things, though as with all earlier versions of games, there will be apparent differences. You can also visit Cypress Zeta on Patreon to find out more or support any future projects that are likely to come up. In the words of Zeta – “Now it is done. Enjoy, everyone”.

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