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Adult Store Kimochi is Shutting Down March 31st

Kimochi, the adult games service, is closing its doors on March 31st. Kimochi was well known for its Steam-styled business model, allowing users access to a unified platform that made game library management easy.

It seems like we’ve lost a few things this year. To name just one example, Offbeatr, the Kickstarter of adult entertainment all but abandoned their website earlier this month. Supposedly, we’re due for another devastating recession, one that will rival — if not surpass — that of 2008. It might be a sign of the times, or simply people wishing to move on, but it looks like 2016 has claimed another victim.

Kimochi, the adult games network, known for its Steam-like appearance and business model, will be closing down on March 31st. Kimochi has been a useful tool for its users since its inception, incorporating a unified storefront and library for gamers to keep their library in check. Players could choose from a range of titles available on the service, able to download through Kimochi’s service safely and quickly. Since a lot of adult games are freelance, it offered a great alternative to the more common developer file-hosting.

In a statement made last week, lead administrator Kuma (also known as “steamydev”) addressed Kimochi’s users to explain the closure. The statement opened by thanking the users for their support, but continued “unfortunately the financial situation does not allow us to keep the service running for much longer”. It’s rather unfortunate to lose another service that aided both developers and users, but some things can’t be changed.

In some additional comments, Kuma attempted to alleviate any questions that users may have in regards to their current library. As Kimochi hosts available games on their servers, your ability to download these will be lost come March 31st. Players will still be able to purchase the games themselves up until March 1st, at which point publishers will be alerted to disable all paid content.

Once March 31st has come and gone, the games on Kimochi’s service will no longer be available, even if purchased already. Kuma advises anyone who still has an outstanding download to complete it by this date, as they will still be able to access it from their local disk. You likely won’t be able to use the Kimochi service itself to do so, at the very least it will be unsupported should problems arise, but files are generally located with an executable in whichever install location you specified.

One piece of good news, and perhaps the only piece, is that the forums will be staying up. This hinges on user interest, however, with Kuma stating that they “will be kept up and running so long as there is interest and support from the community”. If you use the Kimochi service or appreciate the forums, now is the time to speak up. The forums have been a useful spot for developers and users alike, with the former sharing their progress on current projects, amongst other things.

If you have any particular concerns about the closure, or indeed any questions, Kuma suggests contacting a member of the team. You can find Kuma’s own profile here , which should allow you the opportunity to make your issue known. You can also check out the discussion on the forums, which details the full plans and what to expect when the service shuts down.

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