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Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Has Some New Announcements, Could Come to West?

Marvelous, the team that brought you the boob ninja series Senran Kagura, has made some announcements for Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni. The PS Vita exclusive action game has two new gameplay trailers, and the reveal of some trophies means it might see a Western release.

Valkyrie Driveis probably a name you might recognize, having made its debut at Anime Japan back in March. Created by the one and only Marvelous, Valkyrie Drive is set to see a swathe of media releases, the first of which started in October of this year. The new franchise is set to be comprised of an anime series that’s been licensed by (oh joy) Funimation, the exclusive PS Vita title Bhikkhuni and some games for iOS and Android. The Japanese release of Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni is right around the corner for Japan, though we may just see it over here too.

We got some trailers recently of the new Valkyrie Drive title, which showcase the two main characters of the game – Rinka and Ranka Kagurazaka. Each of the girls has different playstyles and abilities: Ranka likes to get up in your face, with close-quarters combat as her preferred style. She will be able to equip handheld weaponry and use flurries of kicks and punches to put down a foe. Rinka, on the other hand, prefers to keep her distance a little more, and wields a number of long swords instead. She attacks with quick and deadly slashes, spinning and twirling her blade as she dissects foes.

Valkyrie Drive is being produced by the same mind behind Senran Kagura, and thus has a similar aesthetic and style to it. Fans of the Senrans will be right at home here, with fast-paced combat and plenty of fan-service. The game is set on an artificial island named Bhikkhuni, a mysterious place where the youth are strangely powerful. An unknown virus plagues the young, turning them into tools of war once they have received the right enhancements. Rinka and Ranka stand out however, as they are able to control the virus and their enhancements at will. A deadly combination to be sure! To find out more, check out the new trailers below.

In addition to the new trailers, it seems as though our friends over at Exophase have unearthed some English trophies for the game. Exophase is something of a social network for gamers, which specializes in tracking your achievements and trophies across various platforms. It seems as though these trophies have been localized with English names, and what’s particularly telling are the pop-culture references embedded in some of them. “Our bodies are ready” and “Tis but a scratch!” to name a few, just seem too Anglicized to be put down to chance.

So there you have it, Valkyrie Drive seems to be coming along quite well. The Japanese version is due to be released on December 10th, which is just a few days away at the time of this writing. The localization of a Western version hasn’t been confirmed, but there’s a seemingly good chance for it. If you can’t wait for more Marvelous action, you can find a JP regional copy on Play-Asia. It might be worth waiting to see what develops however, as indications of a Western release are strong.

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