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T-Mobile's Binge On Won't Restrict Adult Content

A future of unlimited porn streaming may soon be at hand

T-Mobile recently introduced a new service to its customers called Binge On, which for the first time will allow its mobile customers to stream endless amounts of video from several sources around the web.

This change will for the first time allow non-unlimited users to consume as much digital media as they wish without eating up their limited data plans and incurring large overage fees. The initial roll out featured 24 high-profile mainstream content providers such as HBO and Netflix, but T-Mobile has stated that their Binge On platform is open to anyone hosting legal content that can meet their technical criteria.

Yes. If they meet technical requirements, we’ll investigate the feasibility of adding them. No one pays to join and no money is exchanged. T-Mobile will review all submissions to ensure identification of video stream and technical requirements, including optimization for mobile viewing. T-Mobile is committed to maximizing YOUR choice and providing access to as many great providers as possible.

Binge On will be available to customers who have switched to T-Mobiles new Simple Choice Amped plans, but anyone paying for 3GB or higher of data will also receive access to the service.

New services will be added upon customer nomination and demand, and can be nominated via tweeting at T-Mobile the name of the service using the hashtag #BingeOn.

Here is the key part to this, adult content providers have not been banned so far from being a part of this service. So while nothing official has been stated so far, it seems that content providers such as Porn Hub, Brazzers and others may be fully eligible to partake in T-mobile’s new Binge On service. So if you are a T-Mobile customer (as I am personally) who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, a future of unlimited streaming of adult content may be just over the horizon. Any changes or updates on this story will be reported as they become available.

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