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A new IndieGala bundle has just come out, placing some ecchi titles up for grabs including Beach Bounce, Highschool Possession and Divine Slice of Life.

It’s time for the IndieGala Tokyo Anime Mega Bundle. IndieGala’s latest bundle, much as the cool name suggests, is all about games with an Eastern feel. For the low price of $3, you can get access to a grand total of 13 games. While some of the game’s don’t quite fall into the category of lewd, there is still plenty on offer that are designed to entice.

There are a huge number of games here, but we’ll focus on what we can get through. The bundle is split into two tiers. The first tier, which you gain access to for a paltry dollar, includes 3 games: Tokyo Hosto, Orion, and A Wild Catgirl Appears!. Tokyo Hosto , a visual novel, follows the story of Jason, a drop out in charge of running a bar where his duties involve hitting on women. Orion, a sci-fi visual novel, focuses on the implications of time travel and artificial intelligence.

A Wild Cargirl Appears!follows the story of Ami, who has just created a cute catgirl as part of a video game. Turns out the catgirl is more than just pixels, and soon comes to life, turning the game into a cute romantic romp. For your $3 tier, you get access to a another 10 games, of which five seem to fall into adult territory: Echo Tokyo: Intro , Highschool Possession, Divine Slice of Life , Beach Bounceand Blue Rose.

All of these games are visual novels with varying degrees of naughtiness. Most of these titles have 18+ versions on MangaGamer. Echo Tokyo: Intro is the story of a dystopia future, where violence rules the roost. It’s not that lewd, but there’s some big-chested females there, and at least one upskirt shot.

Highschool Possession is a game by the new Dharker Studio (formerly AJ Tilley). Take control of your special powers and use them to possess your female classmates, getting into all kinds of naughty trouble by doing so. Divine Slice of Life puts you in the shoes of Aaki. Aaki sees his life turned upside down after a run-in with two demigods, who insist he must wed one of them. Plenty of sexiness in this one.

Beach Bounce, again by Dharker Studio, follows the story of a young man on his summer break. During his trip to the seaside, he encounters a number of girls, and before long things start to get saucy. Finally, we have Blue Rose, a game by developer White Cat which spins the traditional VN on its head by introducing a female protagonist. You’ll have five paths through the game, and you are able to choose from four guys or one girl.

If you want to check out more about this bundle, check it out on IndieGala. The bundle has around 20 hours left to go, so if it’s something that interests you, don’t wait too long. As always, you can decide how much you want to pay for the bundle, so the choice is all yours. Upon purchase, you’ll be given Steam keys to each game. While this will restrict any 18+ content, it’s still not a bad deal for $3.

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