Keeping things informal as well as infernal

The Flesh Cavern is a rather short but sweet adult text adventure. According to Pykrete, the writer, the story was written within the space of 48 hours and follows the adventures of an attractive, petite goth girl, named Ali. Ali is on her way to a friend’s house in a new town when she suddenly passes out. Upon awakening in an unfamiliar place, she is thrust into pitch black. The darkness is dank, warm, and disconcertingly welcoming. Armed with only her boots and her crappy, Asian knock-off mobile phone, she must discover not only where she is, but also how to escape. Braving the musky, organic structure around her, she will have to fend off perverted creatures and help one or two people out on the way to freedom.

While there isn’t a lot to the fairly straightforward story, it is mostly well-written. The main character Ali isn’t particularly likable or dislikable. She is an attractive goth that stumbles from one tentacle encounter to another, trying to keep her wits about her as she descends into the madness of pleasure. Each paragraph is extremely detailed, providing the rather deliciously decadent background to this crazy, arcane sex romp. Rivers of cum, a creature’s gullet, an ancient temple; these are the set-pieces of The Flesh Cavern.

The really nice thing about The Flesh Cavern is that, while there’s only a few choices, the story is self-contained. Any questions one has about the nature of the cave or the creatures is all explained to great depth, with the answers being — in my opinion — quite fun. The Flesh Cavern is eloquently written, requiring an intermediate grasp of the English language to enjoy. Sadly, while it’s written well, there are instances where the English breaks down slightly, with certain important words missing, or incorrect punctuation that would slightly break immersion.

The Flesh Cavern plays like any other “choose your own adventure” story, with little choices made here and there that can affect the story quite substantially, most of which eventually lead to bad endings. The bad endings; however, are quite fun and I must admit I quite enjoyed the ones involving tentacles and torrents of cum. I have a very active imagination and I found I could really picture myself in Ali’s place, drowning in ahegao heaven. While there are no images, the writer certainly does a brilliant job of illustrating the situation for one’s mind.

Visually, there isn’t much to the game, but the detail in the sentences paint the picture, describing the texture of certain creatures’ skin, or the size and limit of inflation bestowed upon Ali as she is set upon by the cave’s denizens of the deep. It’s just a shame that the game is short, as it could have benefited from delving further into what would happen once Ali returns to the surface. I won’t spoil anything, but it could have led to some really fun scenarios, and helped flesh out (no pun intended) the length of the game to make it really unique.

The game could certainly have benefited from artwork to go along with it, but it is worth keeping in mind that the game was created in only two days. Some bugs have been fixed since its inception though, and it has been updated and somewhat maintained. Despite this; however, I encountered a rather annoying bug that was outlined by the author at the start. The bug was encountered when resetting the game, without refreshing or restarting the page. At certain intervals, it would cause the “continue” option from my previous playthrough to appear above the current playthrough. This would lead to me reaching the incorrect screen that would normally appear in my current playthrough. This was easily remedied by refreshing the browser, though.

While there’re a few different things that could have been added to The Flesh Cavern, it is quite enjoyable for what it is. I had some fun myself flipping through it, and even though it’s possible to finish the story with all bad endings and the good one, it was still really enjoyable. I came several times, and would happily recommend The Flesh Cavern to anyone interested in text adventures, it those who would have a rather active imagination. Trust me, it helps immensely!

If anyone is interested in The Flesh Cavern they can try it for absolutely free . The only thing required to give it a go is a free account on the site it’s hosted on. Thanks for reading!


  • It's well written and completely free to play.


  • It's far too short considering how good it is and only has a few bugs.
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Writing
  • Replay Value


I came several times, and would happily recommend The Flesh Cavern to anyone interested in text adventures, or those who would have a rather active imagination. Trust me, it helps immensely! Not to mention the game is entirely free for everyone!

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