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Highschool Romance Now Available

Grab it while its on sale

Highschool Romance, the newest offering from game developer AJ Tilley , is now available on Steam and MangaGamer.

The release of Highschool Romance had been slightly delayed, though the developers took advantage of this unexpected additional time to add more content to the game.

Highschool Romance seems to be in line with the usual romance sim fair from AJ Tilley with a slight twist. Your main character Shoji, is a boy who due to a registration mistake ends up in an all-girls high school. Instead of fixing this error the decision is made for Shoji to simply masquerade as a girl to get through his final year of school.

It’s the start of your final year. And due to a crazy mix-up by your parents you are due to attend an all-girls school.

What would normally be a dream come true for a young man is, however, a little hampered due to the principals solution that will allow you to stay.

Now can Shoji make friends, find love and survive in this very strange situation.


The story’s protagonist and the young man who is caught up in a crazy event after his parents accidentally enroll him into an all-girls school. {.align-center}


The head teacher of the school, it is Lea who comes up with a dazzling plan or is it a crazy scheme which allows Shoji to remain at the school.


A studious young woman and class rep for the class Shoji is assigned, she is friendly but a little shy at times especially as she rarely socializes.


A charismatic and buxom girl within the school. She is also an athletic and fun loving young woman who likes to enjoy life to the full.

HS Romance is currently on sale for just $7.99/£5.59 for its release week, and will be available for  $9.99/£6.99 after the sale ends.

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