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If you’re at fan of Western text games, chances are you’ve at least heard of offerings in the “slave sim” genre, such as Jack O’ Nine Tails and Slave Maker. While Free Cities does away with the stock anime art of those games in favor of a pure text format, it follows the same basic concept.

In Free Cities, currently being developed by the eponymous and anonymous FreeCitiesDev, you take the role of a businessman in a near-apocalyptic world where nation-states are crumbling and most of the very wealthy and powerful are concentrated in independent, often ocean-borne free city-states called Arcologies. These are anarcho-capitalist paradises where morality is an afterthought and everything can be bought, including and especially female sexual servitude. Through a stroke of luck, you’ve somehow managed to gain control of your very own Arcology, and it is now up to you to oversee both its economy and the well-being of your personal stable of slaves from threats both external and internal.

You can be whatever you want to be in a Free City, and if you’ve enough money, so can those you bend to your will.

As you begin the game, you’ll find that customization is at the heart of Free Cities. Pretty much every major game variable is open to modification, including your appearance, game difficulty, slave nationality and ethnicity, and a “one-handed mode” for those who don’t care about the overarching political plot behind the game.

Once you’ve selected how you want to look and how you want the game to play, you’re taken to a new character generation screen where it is possible to extensively customize your first slave – a favorite girl, so to speak, for a certain amount of money. You can of course ignore it and save the money, or choose at random, but keep in mind that this is a unique opportunity as the vast majority of slaves you’ll find in-game are already randomized and are only obtainable through slave markets, auctions, or special contracts.

Yes, you can totally make your slave waifu in this game. A slavefu, if you will.

Once you’ve finished with your customization options, you’ll be transported to your luxurious office, overseeing both the entirety of your Arcology and your privately-owned slave complex. From these headquarters, you’ll be able to manage your city and micromanage your slaves. Slaves can be set to a variety of useful tasks such as serving as personal sex toys, whoring themselves out, working in a human dairy milking other women as cows, and even just run-of-the-mill maid work. This work is less routine than it sounds, though: Each slave girl has her own personality, and her own opinions on what being a slave means for her fate. Some of them, in particular, are not at all happy with their situation and will attempt to escape, resist sex, sabotage your Arcology, or even try to collaborate with pro-freedom terrorist groups. As the owner of the Arcology, it will be as much your duty as it will be simple self-preservation to discipline, train, and otherwise educate your slave girls to keep them on the straight and narrow, lest you face loss of profits and personal dangers. You can do this sexually, of course, and indeed rape, BDSM, and physical abuse can be some of your primary tools for “education” if you so desire. Slave girls can, however, also be trained through serving other slaves, regular schooling, the use of drugs such as aphrodisiacs and psycho-suppressants, and even won over through love and attention. This reinforces the uniqueness of each girl in your slave stable, as depending on their quirks and personalities, some girls may respond better to some training methods than others.

You can ask your girls about their feelings! You can also rape them, beat them, sell them, torture them, tear out their vocal cords…

Besides managing your slaves, Free Cities also lets you manage and customize your Arcology, as you are its absolute ruler. You will be able to add new structures to your city, as well as arm yourself with potent security drones and a personal army of mercenaries, which will serve to quell revolt and conduct slave raids outside your territory. The more structures and facilities you add, the more options open up, both for further city customization and also for new ways to train, work, and market your slave girls. Finally, the more advanced your Arcology is, the more money it will also make, but it will also incur significant upkeep costs that you will have to find a way to manage.

Each new upgrade carries its own suite of options and new ways to make money.

Free Cities keeps track of your progress through the passage of time. Each week that passes will add or subtract money from your treasury based on your Arcology’s upkeep versus its revenue flow, and passing time will allow your slave girls to either get used to their training or grow bitter and resentful of it. The passage of time also unlocks new special events. These can be anything – a slave girl might try to escape, you might be summoned by prominent citizens to settle a contract dispute, a band of thieves might ask you to bankroll a heist on another Arcology, or barbarians from a collapsing nation might try to invade your city. How you respond to this might either benefit you, severely hurt you, or even place your life at risk, which adds a new layer of excitement to the game’s secondary role as a city manager.

Only five times? Lazy bitch.

On the technical side of things, Free Cities is in a playable alpha state. This means that, while the game is completely playable and already has quite a bit of content, it’s still in developmentwith the promise of bug fixes and much more extra content to come.

Because Free Cities is a text-only game made in Twine, it fits entirely in a single .html file. This means that you can play it on any platform that has a browser with the capability to open .html files from disk, so you can enjoy the game not only on your PC, but also on a phone or tablet.

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