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Beach Bounce Remastered Hits Steam

Beach Bounce Remastered is now available on Steam. Following the departure of original developer Yume no Mikata, Dharker Studio has now completed the game, which comes with all new features.

For those of you who may not have heard the news yet, developer AJ Tilley is going through a bit of a change. Now known as Dharker Studio, the original team has been dissolved, with all their original IPs now transferred to the new studio. What that means for fans and owners of these games is that things are simply under new management. One of the transferred IPs, and one that’s just had its first fresh experience with Dharker, is Beach Bounce Remastered.

The original game, simply titled Beach Bounce, was one of Aj Tilley’s more successful games, following the story of a young man on a tranquil seaside holiday. The game released to fairly mixed reviews, with our own LewdLook falling on the more negative end of the spectrum. One thing in particular that stood out to reviewers was the writing, which was somewhat lacking.

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Enter Beach Bounce Remastered, and Dharker’s first attempt to work with these existing titles. Likely wanting to rectify their past errors, Dharker have chosen to completely re-write the story for Beach Bounce, as well as adding some other features to improve the experience. Along with the new story, players can also expect a new, more advanced user interface, additional artwork, and a better overall development level.

Beach Bounce Remastered will also include some more goodies for players to jump into, such as a full gallery of images to locate and unlock through the course of the game. There’s also 19 different endings to experience now, ranging from good, bad and just plain odd. That’s quite a lot of replay value, so Dharker are certainly trying to fix any past mistakes with the IP.

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Current owners of Beach Bounce will now have access to Beach Bounce Remastered by default, so if you want to take it for a spin again, now is the time. The developers have issued a warning, however, stating that all saves from the original game will no longer work. This is due to the significant changes that have taken place, and may even cause the game to crash. Dharker recommends deleting any existing saves you currently have and starting over from the beginning.

Dharker Studio have implemented better saving to make up for this, making full use of the Steam Cloud service, so any new saves you do create can be backed up across systems. There’s also been some further Steam integration as well, with the addition of 10 new Steam Achievements. Beach Bounce Remastered is currently available on Steam, where it’s enjoying a 50% discount this weekend. The deal will last until tomorrow afternoon, with the game currently retailing for $7.99 (£5.99).

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  • Vaelore

    Whoa, what about the 18+ version? Will that one get finished/changed as well?

    • Well the people that liked the original writers work didn’t like the new version. However most press including this site & many youtubers didn’t like the orgional writing. So its a disconect between audiences. One or two art files went missing in the transition cause the other developer didn’t keep a hold of everything properly and their version of the game was non workable. Though it was a Remaster in the span of 2 ish months compared to a game that original took 5 months to only get 3/4ths finished. It was put to a poll over wherever people wanted to just be done with the original or if they wanted a remaster with a different writer in the first place and the vast majority approved. The disgruntled people currently complaining are about the same 5 people of some 10,000+ players.

      There is already a uncensored edition info on the forums & MG has been submitted it also.