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MangaGamer Sakura Swim Club

MangaGamer and Winged Cloud Split Up

Visual novel publisher MangaGamer has announced they will not be publishing any more titles from Western VN maker, Winged Cloud.

The announcement about the split came directly from MangaGamer’s official blog, and states the following:

Regretfully, we must announce that MangaGamer will no longer be publishing Winged Cloud games, including the previously announced title, Sakura Dungeon. Due to intractable creative differences, we have been forced to let Winged Cloud go, and will no longer be able to offer support for their current or future titles.

Not going into detail about what the “intractable creative differences” may have been, MangaGamer also announced Winged Cloud titles will still be available on their platform until the 29th of February.

Fans may still purchase Winged Cloud titles from us from now until February 29th, and those who do will be able to have access to the MangaGamer Editions, which were updated from their original source by our quality assurance team. These editions will no longer be available for public purchase after February 29th. Sakura Santa on Steam will be transferred to Winged Cloud’s new publisher and updated to their version of the title. If you would like to retain the MangaGamer version of the game, make sure you uncheck “automatic updates” for the game by February 29th.

Winged Cloud has released three titles during their 2-year partnership with MangaGamer, which includes Sakura Spirit, a revised version of Sakura Swim Club and the latest 2015 holiday special Sakura Santa. The developer’s newly announced RPG Sakura Dungeon will now be published by Sekai Project, another popular visual novel publisher and translator.

MangaGamer Sakura Swim Club

This news comes as a bit of a surprise for anyone following the events within the Western erotic visual novel industry. Not too long ago, at the end of November, MangaGamer broke the news about their then new partnership with Winged Cloud, just to break it up a few months later. Winged Cloud is now back with their original publisher Sekai Project, and a lot of people are surely left to wonder if this will be their last stop in the search for fitting publisher of their games.

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  • Peter

    With MangaGamer’s payment processor out of action currently, am I right in thinking there’s no way to get the DRM-free versions of the three games (particularly the MG version of Swim Club) currently? I’d rather not get these titles through Steam if I can help it.

    • Peter

      (to clarify: if the payment processor is out of action past the 29th, then there’s no way of purchasing these versions prior to the cutoff date, if I understand correctly)

    • Rillania

      MG has found a new payment processor, and is currently working to get everything up and running with them. They announced today that Beats Blade Haruka probably won’t be released on the 23rd as originally planned, but should be up within a couple days past that original date. So more than likely/hopefully, they will be back up and running before the 29th, which will give people a couple days to pick up their WC titles.

      I would double check with Mangagamer through some medium such as twitter though for clarification and specific timeframes.

  • Narmy

    That was fast. I wonder what the “creative differences” were.

  • scemar

    Wait, didn’t the sakura games people also split with sekai project recently?

    • Rillania

      Winged Cloud left Sekai Project and moved to Mangagamer as its publisher late last year. They have now left Mangagamer and gone back to their original publisher, Sekai Project. WC was only with MG for a few months.

      • scemar

        That seems like a lot of drama behind the scenes must have happened.

  • snooze321

    Considering Mangagamer has no problem publishing games with dark content or nukige i would suggest the problems were with how Winged Cloud was acting, not creative differences.

    There have been discussions about how WC fails to pay people for the services rendered.
    One music artist saying they gave WC a sample sound clip of their work and asking for payment. But WC just used the sample without paying them.