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R. Mika Mod Reintroduces Controversial Butt Slap

Well, that didn't take long

A new mod for Street Fighter V has just come out, reverting Capcom’s changes to the original animation. The controversial R. Mika “butt slap” was removed under heavy criticism by Capcom, earlier this year.

Well, it’s official – R. Mika is back to her former glory. News surfaced earlier today that there may be a mod floating around that would change the controversial “butt slap” in R. Mika’s critical art animation back to its original form. The animation was originally altered by Capcom, who stated that they didn’t want to alienate their userbase by including it in the final release. This didn’t go down well with fans, spurring a controversy over perceived censorship.

That doesn’t really matter any more however, at least not for the PC userbase. After some quick checks with our own copy of Street Fighter V, we can happily confirm that the butt slap is back. Created by Reddit user “CENAWINSLOL”, the mod seemingly replaces the original camera angle with a “pure, untainted version” that Capcom had released previously. Thank you, Capcom.

CENAWINSLOL has also been kind enough to fix Cammy’s intro, which was also changed prior to release. The original saw Cammy swoop in to the stage, crouching low for the camera to catch a shot of her crotch. This change, similar to R. Mika’s, simply swapped the animation so the camera moved slightly. The mod also swaps this with the original animation, so you can enjoy her sweet moves once more.

If you feel like installing either of these mods, you can check out CENAWINSLOL’s Reddit thread, which details the installation process. You can also find the file for R. Mika right here , and the one for Cammy right here. To install these mods, first extract the files into your Street Fighter V install folder. Once you’ve done that, navigate to StreetfighterV\content\paks, and delete “pakchunk7-WindowsNoEditor.pak”. Once you’ve done that, you’re done!

Of course, we do wish to advise you that you install at your own risk. As with a lot of games these days, checks may be performed when engaging in online play. This is usually done to reduce cheating, but mods have been known to trigger bans in the past. Keep a backup of any files you change, just so you can revert if anything goes wrong. For now though, get these installed and enjoy Street Fighter V the way it was meant to be played.

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