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Feminist Campaign Against Sexbots Underway

The sexbots are coming! The sexbots are coming!

A group of activists from The Campaign Against Sex Robots has issued a recent warning, urging about the dire consequences of sexbots becoming reality. The group claims they will result in the “brutal dehumanisation of women”, fearing men will lose empathy for real relationships.

Let me start by telling you something about myself: I own a lot of sex toys. Of course, they’re not reminiscent of the female anatomy, so they’re fine. They are a symbol of my sexual freedom; of my empowerment. Unfortunately for men, this street is only one way. The array of sex toys available for the boys is certainly expansive, from cheap pocket pussies to full ass molds and sexbots, but they’re seen as a problem.

Male sex toys, no matter how you go around it, aren’t held in very high regard. The stereotype of the 30-something man living with his mother, enjoying the pleasures of his fleshlight, exists because of it. Whereas the dildo is seen as a symbol of modern sexual liberation, the male toy is a symbol of the creepy, weird, social outcast. This hasn’t necessarily stopped production; in fact we’re on the cusp of a new age – the age of the sexbot.

sexbots 1

Sexbots aren’t anything particularly new, as they’ve existed in fiction for some time even before we had the capacity to make them ourselves. With the advent of new robotics, and the internet, innovators have been able to finance their sexbot dreams – and they’re making a killing. The creators of one bot, in particular, the ViruaDoll, has had such high demand that they couldn’t cope. They had to delay the project to handle the inundation of interest. As they always say, you can’t stop progress.

There will be those, however, who will certainly try. You may remember our previous article on this topic, where we discussed the initial opposition to sexbots. Of course, that just the beginning, as it seems a new group have picked up the torch. The Campaign Against Sex Robots, in conjunction with researcher Lydia Kaye, have released a statement urging people to reconsider. The warning, written by Lydia herself, flags up the possibility of “the brutal dehumanisation of women” that could take place if sexbots were to become the norm.

sex toys sexbots

“Sex robots will create another means through which women will be presented as objects” she writes, stating that it will only reinforce the mistreatment of women. She continues that it will also “desensitise humans to intimacy and empathy, which can only be developed through experiencing human interaction and mutual consenting relationships.” The internet itself already disproves the initial sentiment, as millions of people interact via their phone or computer screen every day.

Of course, assuming people are incapable of interacting properly unless in person, this only accounts for a romantic partner. People generally still have friends, colleagues or other humans they interact with daily. Our species is masturbatory, many people don’t have a partner and still seek sexual gratification. Does this render them incapable of empathy? They aren’t interacting with anyone whilst doing so, there’s no intimacy, so what’s the difference when a sexbot is introduced?

twerk sexbots

Lydia continues that sexbots would “reinforce the view that the female body is a commodity”, saying that it’s “time to examine the human ethics” in relation to sexbots. Lydia cites human rights as a fundamental opposition to sexbots, claiming it will only lead to the “brutal objectification of humankind”. The same argument could be made for paintings, statues, and even the humble dildo, as they each commoditise the human body. It’s a question of whether our basal human forms have rights, or if we as humans do.

Of course, this all hinges on the assumption that people will be incapable of understanding reality. As we wrote last week, we must ensure the split between fact and fiction is recognized, and we must trust people to make the distinction. If we assume men are incapable of understanding that their sexbot is just that — a sexbot — we must assume women lose empathy when using a dildo. Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule, like the woman who loves a rollercoaster, but that’s another thing entirely.

anime neckbeard sexbots

Thankfully, it seems readers of British newspaper the Mirror largely agree. In a poll on their website, when posed the question of “are sex bots actually sexist”, a resounding amount of readers answered “No”. A total of 79% said they felt sexbots weren’t sexist, compared with 21% of people who said they were (sample size unknown). That said, this all depends on what your definition of “sexist” is, whether that’s legitimate sexual abuse, or simply a disagreement.

Regardless, with the amount of interest already there for sexbots, it’s unlikely they will disappear. If there’s one thing humanity certainly does, it’s follow the money. Sexbots are going to be big business, whether they be for the stereotypical loner, someone who just likes the feel of it now and again, or women themselves (fucking machines, anyone?). We probably won’t see swathes of emotionless, zombified men on the streets, we probably won’t hear about a new rape epidemic, and if anything, as with the advent of video games, violent crime will fall again.

For now, check out the Taiwanese Animators take on the whole thing, which includes some rather humorous interpretations. You can also check out the group mentioned here, Virtuadolls, on their IndieGoGo page where they’re currently receiving funding. The device will synchronize movement, making use of VR to create a fully immersive experience. The future is certainly here, and before long the dream of ploughing your waifu will become a reality. Just don’t cheat on her, OK?

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  • Brad

    The double think and hypocrisy is strong with feminists. This group clearly just hates men and male sexuality.

  • Hiecchi

    Feminist in a nutshell

  • Kelborne

    “desensitise humans to intimacy and empathy, which can only be developed through experiencing human interaction and mutual consenting relationships.”

    I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that I don’t want any of those things. I’ll take the sexbot, thank you very much.

  • So wait… In one hand feminists try to discourage us(males) for having sex with women and in the other try to turn us away from alternative pleasures? Now wait a goddamn minute here. Are they trying to say that we get no control over this, and we shall just suffer in our flesh bodies(if dying wasn’t enough…) for something natural.

    P.S. I didn’t read the article to be honest, but come on… Like I know there is some truth to my comment? Like jesus… Either give me my peanut butter & jelly or one of the other. Don’t try to take away both.

  • blackice85

    They feel threatened about machines? Sounds like the problem is with them.

  • Narmy

    Sexbots are too uncanny valley, I’d rather have a VR waifu anyway.

    Though I suppose those are also no good according to feminists, since they are both a superior alternative to 3DPD women, and that’s where the real fear lies in their minds. They don’t want to be rendered obsolete.

  • Testy

    It seems like these people want to dictate the conditions, that men should only have sex when women consent to it, and otherwise never experience it. Its not even about holding sex as ransom, just the power dynamic. Its natural, in their current position they might as well go for more. Give an inch, take a mile.

    Would it be classified as cheating if one already has a robot waifu, and then buy an other? Can that be consider a harem instead? Or does it just depend on if one can face their waifu afterwords? Question to ponder…

  • Waifu Engineering

    As a misanthrope, I prefer non-living objects to people, and will treat them better. You only need to see my car, or my computer, how well maintained they are. The fact that these women campaign to take my toys away further cements my misanthropy.

    While sex robots will be made for women, gays and bisexuals, they will most definitely be mostly in female form. That’s because the demand for sex is thousands of times more than the available supply. You see it in Tinder experiments where fake female profiles get hundreds of invites compared to a comparable attractive fake male profile. You also see it by examining human DNA and realizing that as a species, 80% of females reproduced successfully, compared to only 40% of males. The competition for mates has always been tough for males, as shown in the labor market in general which has been depreciating in pay, while prostitution has managed to escape inflation and maintain a solid average $200 / hr for unskilled work. Pussy is ridiculously overpriced all throughout history.

    The main goal of feminism has never been about achieving equality for the sexes. It’s main goal has always to keep the price of pussy artificially high, whatever the costs. That is why even in circumstances where women outperform men — such as in the fields of education or health care — they keep the feminism campaign strong.

    The women behind this campaign have no empathy at all. They don’t care at all that the term “forever alone” may mean to one woman that she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 months. But the equivalent for a man, “forever alone” literally means NO HUMAN CONTACT AT ALL FOR 20+ YEARS. I’m talking about inawoods unabomber type of men, of which there are plenty. Because we live in a relative age of peace, where our pointless and useless wars did not cull the male population as they always did.

    Feminists literally have destroyed the game industry, and in Korea, have cost tens of thousands of jobs because of stupid policies. Check out Gookanon’s twitter here for the summary of his posts:

    I will not allow them to take my toys away.

    • James Blackmire

      You’ll have my praise if you stop them.

  • MusouTensei

    Making them illegal would be ableism (sorry, I hate these made up terms just as any decent human being does) actually, I’m aromantic and simply not able to develop romantic feelings for other humans (no joke, I’m 33 and never even had a crush, I can look at a woman and think that she is hot or cute, but that’s about it), a sexbot would be a great alternative for me, so femtards can fuck right off with their bigotry.
    Else I will take away their toys too.

    • blackice85

      Same here, aromantic but not asexual. Funny thing is I actually like romance and love stories and all that jazz, I just don’t feel it myself towards other people.

  • chizwoz

    Is there any better evidence that the modern feminist movement is purely about attacking men? There’s no other reason to be against this.

  • IhazID


  • scemar

    They take our sexbots away and we riot.

  • Nin

    I think while social consequences for sex bots are likely, sexism isn’t one of them. It’ll just be an even lower birth rate, though sex bots would only exacerbate a problem that already exists rather than be a root cause of it. Also, maybe less money for the prostitution business.

  • ProxyDoug

    “the brutal dehumanisation of women”
    Well, won’t someone think of the women…
    It’s like Doctor Randomercam said, it is not that men will start treating women like robots, society is so hostile against men’s sexuality, they will build robots that they can treat like a woman.
    Also, no one thinks about the people who could use these robots to fulfill a need they would otherwise satiate violently.

  • Stygg Nalle

    Well if women want me (us men in general) to prefer to continue use them over toys then they should give more of a incentive rather than all the winging and bitching and feminism tripe (the original point of feminism was not tripe, just todays version of it).

  • KarRuptAssassin

    Why exactly would we be sexualizing women if our dicks are always thinking about the much better, much less annoying sex bots? if anything we’d think and care about them less.

  • endorph

    Feminists have caused more men to lose empathy for real relationships than any sex bot ever will.

  • Cockatorium

    Every fucking time. It doesn’t even matter what context it comes up in, every time sexbots are mentioned there will inevitably be a storm of “women are obsolete” bullshit.
    If your first response to the innovation of humanoid sex toys is to say something to the effect of half the human population is no longer necessary, please stop and think for a moment. There is an implication in that thought process that says “women (or men, in the occasional reversal) exist not because females/males in our species just happen sometimes, but because of some cosmic use they’ve been assigned as things to fuck. These people are things with a single function that are meant to be used and because this other thing does it better these people should be replaced.”
    And yes. before you say anything, the word obsolete carries with it not only the logical conclusion of replacing that which is obsolete, but is often used to mean things that have already been removed and/or replaced.


    No longer in general use; fallen into disuse:
    an obsolete expression.
    2. of a discarded or outmoded type; out of date:
    an obsolete battleship.
    3. (of a linguistic form) no longer in use, especially, out of use for at least the past century.
    Compare archaic.
    4. effaced by wearing down or away.
    5. Biology. imperfectly developed or rudimentary in comparison with the corresponding character in other individuals, as of a related species.

    Argue for the biological definition if you like, but I’m pretty sure many of you didn’t know the distinction before reading this and were intending the more commonly know object-oriented 1 and 2.Really these feminists might not give a shit about sexbots if every conversation about them didn’t have several people actually dehumanizing women by saying that they are obsolete because of this new technology, that their only use initially was for sex and they are now ready to be discarded.

    I’m not advocating to ban your toys, sexbots are incredible and I want one too when they’re released to the masses, but can we please stop making this about whether or not a group of people deserve to exist because the robot has better tits, a bigger dick, or moans prettier?

  • FinetalPies

    The repeated comparison between full-body sex dolls/bots and dildos is pretty weak tbqh. Most women I know don’t even like it when dildos try to look like a real penis, it’s a masturbatory aid, that’s all.