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Malise and the Machine - V0.02 Revealed

In our continuing coverage of Malise and the Machine; an adult RPG produced by Eromancer Games, the developer has revealed some new features for its V0.02 release.

The developer has stated his intentions on his blog, as he chooses to focus more on the continuation of adding game mechanics, nailing major bugs, improvement of the engine, and streamlining battle. The streamlining of battle will occur within a future new system that is dubbed the “Tetra Interface”, although; interested players will have to wait until version 0.03 is released. The reason for this hold up lies within its substantial overhaul, which is required between RPG Maker and this new system, but the potential improvement seems to be in the works.

The Tetra Interface revolves around groups of four icons, called “tetrads”. Each icon is called a “tetra glyph”. A tetrad houses glyphs of similar type, and the different tetrads are basically simplified versions of what were previously menus in the battle system. Each character will have a Command Tetrad (Attack, Guard, Skills, Items), a set of Skill Tetrads, and an Item Tetrad. Once safe zones are introduced into the game, the player will be able to equip and customize glyphs into the characters’ tetrads via either changes to or new windows in the menu

Additionally, a list of new features has been written on his blog, and provides some context on this version.

Added ‘Advanced Lust Sickness’ status effect and related character portraits.

Improved upon a lot of character portraits for ‘Minor Lust Sickness’ status effect.

Added the ‘Assist’ battle pose and artwork for when a character attacks or uses a skill on her ally’s H-attacker.

Greatly reduced the memory required by the animated enemy sprites, meaning future sprites can be bigger and have more frames than anticipated (RPG Maker has a pretty low memory limit, and will become unstable and can crash when you approach it).

Doubled the frames in Stigmata’s animated sprite set.

Added system for special effects which include enhanced shadows/lighting and additional cosmetic objects to the maps.

Added capability to make above system toggle-able with the ‘S’ key while on the map.

Developed a low-cost processing method for adding certain animated tiles.

No longer need to choose targets for skills/items affecting all enemies/allies or that have no option of who you can target (like skills that can only target the user).

Added the ‘Hold Breaker’ skill. This skill becomes available for use when the character’s ally is under the effect of an enemy hold. The skill damages the HP of her ally’s attacker by base attack damage, and damages the enemy’s Grasp (pink bar) proportional to her ally’s Lust. The skill is more effective than the Struggle command but has a high SP cost.

Added the ‘Strike’ command (will be turned into a skill once the Tetra Interface is complete). This command is an alternative to Struggle. It instantly deals base HP attack damage to the user’s H-attacker, as well as damage to the enemy’s Grasp (pink bar) proportional to the user’s Lust. It is more effective thanStruggle but has a high SP cost.

Added engine capability to display skill availability in real-time for skills having custom availability conditions (pretty much any condition involving the H system).

Added engine capability to have new skill and item scopes (logic to determine who a skill or item effects

Malise and the Machine V0.02 can be expected on July 1 of this year. Interested players can support this game on the developer’s Patreon . Feel free to follow LewdGamer on Twitter for more news and updates.

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