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Malise and the Machine Public Demo Is out Now

Valentine's Day brought with it something worthwhile.

The public demo of Malise and The Machine went live this V-day, and Eromancer wants everyone to spread the love.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and as promised, adult developer Eromancer has been true to their word. Malise and the Machine finally has a public demo. The demo features the “Access Tunnel” content from Patron Version 0.03, with both Malise and Neon included, while all available enemy H skills are compatible with Malise. Additionally, the new menu overhaul written by AltairPL is also present. Eromancer has also been working like crazy in order to finalize content for the impending Patreon-only release of Version 0.04.

The patch notes for this latest release of Malise and the Machine also mention various re-balancing issues and fixes. The enemies in the game have been reinforced now in order to comply with having two party members available. There are now pause graphics for both the battle and field screens. Rewards from chests have also been altered and the game’s FPS have increased from 70 to 90 since Version 0.03.

Enemies that spawn summons now have unique skill names. One example of this is the “Constrict” skill being renamed to “Tentacle” for the Fleshfather enemy. This has been done to differentiate them from the initial H skill that the spawn themselves use. Along with this, come improvements to the mechanics in relation to spawns.

Controller support has finally been re-added, and pressing the “Up” arrow on the directional pad now confirms action usage while choosing a target. The pause feature can be assigned to controller buttons. The quick swap character key has been altered from “C” to “S” on the keyboard, and a quick swap feature for trading battle turns has also been added. This means pressing “S” will now cancel out any process and trade turns with the opposite party member, provided her turn is available. Previous content from Version 0.02 and before has been removed, with the promise of its improved return in the future.

The demo itself is very polished. Most animations look great, and the attention to detail on characters is fantastic. The controls are still a tad awkward, but the demo runs very smoothly. There’s a few new H scenes, and some new weapons as well. In its current format, the game would lend itself fantastically to the idea of a smartphone port. (I can dream can’t I?) In any case, the new demo for Malise and the Machine showcases some very cool new ideas in the erotic games scene, and we are only too happy to continue watching this one progress!

If you’re interested in helping support Eromancer’s descent into a pure erotic sci-fi frenzy, be sure to check out their Patreon to become a backer. Likewise, if you’re curious, but not sure you want to shell out the cash for the latest version of Malise and the Machine, then definitely give the public demo a go . It’s free, and it’s pretty darn cool. Don’t forget, the game and the demo still requires the RPGMaker Ace XV run time package in order to run!

As always, if you enjoyed this article and want to remain up to date with Malise and The Machine as it progresses (I sure do) feel free to follow LewdGamer on Twitter . Alternatively if you’d like to help contribute to our site’s content, remember, our Patreon is always here. Thanks for reading!

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