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Adult Crowd Funding Site Offbeatr is Shutting Down

Offbeatr, the adult crowd funding site dubbed the “Kickstarter for porn”, is shutting down. With only a simple alert on their website to make the announcement, the shut down will take place today, February 5th 2016.

2016 has certainly been eventful. Beloved cultural icons are dropping like flies, the world is supposed to end (again), and everyone is generally losing their minds. Nobody is safe, and it seems as though our world of adult entertainment is about to lose something too. Offbeatr, the adult crowdfunding site aimed at porn producers, is shutting down. For those of you who are unaware, Offbeatr is (or was) a popular resource for creative types looking to produce material. The site was aimed at allowing creators to crowdfund their naughty projects, whether it be a video game, event or other media. The great thing about Offbeatr is that it provided an opportunity for the adult community, as the site dealt in the funding of triple X content, something that other sources don’t allow.

Just like its contemporaries, Offbeatr would allow users to vote on and pledge funding to their favorite projects. Once a project had received enough votes, it became open for business. We’ve even covered some of those games here, such as the girly-boy dating sim A Life in Silk. As of February 2013, the site had successfully handled over $70,000 in pledges, with a huge chunk of that coming from none other than the furry fandom. Furries themselves are an economic powerhouse, as any furry artist will tell you. While this likely kept Offbeatr afloat, when you really get down to it – $70,000 isn’t really that much money, even for 6 months.

When you consider that Kickstarter services around $529 million pledges in a single year, there’s a possibility that Offbeatr just wasn’t doing well enough. Of course, we can’t say this for sure and it wouldn’t be right to do so, but speculation is likely. That’s mostly due to the way Offbeatr announced the closure; if you head to Offbeatr’s website right now (if it’s not shut down already), you’ll find a yellow banner simply titled “Offbeatr shutting down”. The banner goes on to give the date of closure, effective immediately on February 5th, 2016, as well as some additional info for unfulfilled projects. It really came out of nowhere, and we really don’t have much more information other than what’s already been stated.

If you happen to have funded something lately, Offbeatr suggest getting in contact with the creator. Of course, if you are the creator, that’s not very helpful. It’s likely, however, that creators will have received some form of notification from Offbeatr themselves, or at least one would hope so. There’s a number of projects that are still active too, with varying levels of funding, so it’s hard to say what will happen to these going forward. Should we receive a response from Offbeatr in regards of what to expect, we will update accordingly to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. For now though, contact those running the projects as your first priority. Goodbye Offbeatr, we hardly knew ye.

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