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Duel Squad Card Battle Game Now on Nutaku

Nutaku, the adult gaming community, has just released another of their popular card battle games on the service. Duel Squad sees players command an army of monster girls in a bid for the future.

When someone says “adult card battle game”, you probably think of Nutaku. It’s certainly a genre they have a command of, having released a number of titles in this particular area over the last year. If you like collecting cute girls and fighting battles, then it’s definitely the place to go. On January 26th, Nutaku released a new title on the service – Duel Squad. Duel Squad is another Nutaku classic, with players collecting and commanding their deck of cards on the battlefield.

Duel Squad takes place in an alternate universe, where humanity and a strange race of beings known as Alters live together as one. Things weren’t always so friendly however, as the Alters and humans once fought for control of the Earth. A truce was eventually agreed upon, allowing both races to work together for the betterment of the planet. Unfortunately, this pendulous alliance may be short lived, as a rogue group of Alters are seeking to overturn the peace. That’s where you come in: take up arms with a group of highly skilled Alters and humans, and fight to stop the looming threat of war.

duel girls 2

The Alter race, those who would be under your command, are essentially monster girls. Players will be able to collect and command these girls, with a wide range of species to choose from. Duel Girls functions similarly to other card battle games by Nutaku, with players completing quests to further their arsenal. Quests cost stamina to complete, so you’ll need to manage your resources in order to maximize your time. Stamina can be replenished via goods and items or by leveling up your character.

Players will also be able to battle one another in the arena, known in-game as the Coliseum. The Coliseum allows two players to go head-to-head, with each fighting using their own custom deck. Entering into a Coliseum battle expends energy, and in much the same way as stamina, is replenished over time. This can also be replenished by leveling up both in quests and the Coliseum itself, or by using particular items. Naturally, Duel Girls is free to play, with the stamina and energy system working into this, allowing players to purchase items to circumvent wait times.

Of course, no Nutaku game would be complete without the extra spice. War is only half the battle and half the fun, with the additional feature of “memories”. As you improve your relationships, you will gain access to these special events. These will allow you to have some alone time with the girl in question. Once you have accessed a memory, it will never be lost, regardless of if you keep the card or not. These memories can be accessed at any time, and with a number of monster girls at your disposal, there should be plenty to collect.

duel girls 3

Players can either gain cards by simply playing or by using the Nutaku gacha system. Using the gacha system will allow players to pick up more cards, as well as gain fusion materials to combine them. The gacha system works on “gacha points”, something collected as you play, or there’s also a “premium gacha”. The premium gacha, as the name suggests, is a premium service that operates on Nutaku gold. Nutaku gold is a paid-for item that can be used across all supported Nutaku titles. As previously stated, Nutaku gold will also allow players to buy particular items in-game to recover both stamina and energy to circumvent in-game wait times.

If you feel like checking Duel Girls out, head on over to Nutaku, where the game is free to play right now. You’ll need to sign up for the service before playing, but you’ll gain access to a good amount of content for doing so. Nutaku starts you off with 100 gold for free, so test the waters to see if this is for you. Fans of monster girls should feel quite welcome with Duel Girls, so whether you love cat girls, fox-like vixens or little goat demons, it might be worth a shot.

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  • Immahnoob

    I don’t want to start playing these games.

    And I don’t know why, I enjoy eroges and anything involving sex mostly. But these games. These games leave a bad taste in my mouth. It’s probably the microtransactions, or maybe the feeling the quest to get to “know” the girls isn’t worthwhile, since I’m sure there are a lot of cards, and I will see either bad art or recycled art.

    Well, Nutaku doesn’t seem bad at all with their art, I’m just not sure I want to waste my time to find out by myself.

    It’s also probably the gameplay and style, I stopped playing browser based games ages ago, and they always irk me for some reason.

    Oh well, just wanted to rant a little.

    • I think most of the time the art is pretty good as these are normally the successful titles that get the translations in the first place. In terms of the repeats your likely to get its normally a case of its one type of art per a character with various states of undress for the cg/card art. Sometimes there are different artists involved.
      Though to get the most out of these games like other mmo/online types it is about putting a kinda minimum amount of time into it. Free games with models like this just have so much extra reach then a paid game in most circumstances and these types of models get around the rampant piracy around adult games as well. It might not be for everyone though but its worked for them.