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[UPDATE] Adult VR Gaming Controller “VirtuaDolls” Lands on Indiegogo

A new innovative adult gaming controller made by the Eos Creative Group, dubbed VirtuaDolls, has appeared on Indiegogo.

[UPDATE 02/05/2016] The Indiegogo campaign is now back on with a new fixed funding goal of $50,000 and the option to mount Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam Controllers on the device.

virtualdolls ontrolleroption

virtualdolls  controllermount


[UPDATE] The VirtuaDolls Indiegogo campaign has been put on hold due to high demand for the product as stated by the project’s official Twitter account. It has also been announced the campaign will return in a few weeks when the developers can handle the increased demand. [/UPDATE]

VirtuaDolls is an adult gaming controller meant for use with virtual reality and has been in development for over a year.  During this year-long cycle Eos Creative Group, the developers of VirtualDolls, have been steadily adding new features to every newly finished prototype. Now that the device is ready for production, ECG is seeking $20,000 in fixed funding on Indiegogo in order to make their immersive passion product a reality.

VirtualDolls 01

The VirtuaDolls controller features a programmable and adjustable soft-touch grip, a pressure sensor that detects how deep within a special interchangeable sleeve (made with 100% ISO skin-safe silicone) your penis is and an intelligent stroking mechanism adjusts its speed based on the depth. The pressure sensor also allows for increased synchronization between your own movements and the action in the game you are playing. An additional and optional vacuum attachment gives the device cleaning and suction capabilities if you’re one to prefer “upstairs” to “downstairs”. The device can also be synced and optimized to use with all virtual reality porn as the vacuum attachment is fully programmable.

VirtualDolls 02

VirtualDolls 03

The device also comes with a VR game called Girls of Arcadia that allows you to test its full capabilities. You can see the game’s character selection screen below.

VirtualDolls Girls of Arcadia

At launch, the VirtuaDolls controller will be compatible with the PC, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset (even though the controller does not require it) and the Unreal Engine. The developers are also planning for the device to be usable with OSX, HTC Vive and Unity 3D. As stretch goals for the campaign, there are plans to include support for Android, iOS and Google Cardboard.

If you are a developer or just a seasoned enthusiast, the developers are creating a SDK with the following features:

Unreal Engine plugin

Easily integrates into your existing or new gaming project

Polls just like a normal controller

Royalty free

Free for commercial and non-commercial use

And here is a list of things we’re currently developing:

Unity3D plugin

Secure streaming VR Porn viewer app

VR Porn synchronization editor

Mac and Mobile support


With the way VirtuaDolls looks and operates, you might be asking yourself how big it really is and if it’s safe to use. ECG are assuring the 11.8″x7.5″x11.5″ controller is completely safe, as it has fail safes preinstalled in both the hardware and operational software. As further reassurance, no parts of the actual device are sharp and the motor itself doesn’t have enough power to cause injury. With the silicone sleeves also being nearly 1″ thick, you can rest assured that your junk will be safe and sound.

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  • Immahnoob

    The future of pornography is here.

    Soon. (✿◉‿◉)

    • blackice85

      Still waiting for my private holodeck =/

      • Immahnoob

        Didn’t they release the holodeck yet? I mean, it looked really fine.

        I can imagine holographic porn ^_^

  • BeholdMyPower

    Now we sit back and wait for someone to come up with a body pillow edition.

  • scemar

    Happy to be alive

  • Pope Francis

    I noticed that it occasionally squeezes to stimulate a tight pussy but what if this thing glitches and squeezes too hard? No one wants to get their dick crushed lol. I might cautiously try this thing if thats even possible, could be good exercise/practice haha.

  • Cookies

    I have nothing to say, but if you guys could develop this, why not make a sex slave robot, I mean come on, I am not into this virtual b.s.

    • Domhnall

      I mean, I guess it’s not out of the question to put this in a RealDoll or something like that.

    • Immahnoob

      It’s hard to make robots appealing, so they’re not the same level of complexity.

  • Thenameless685

    Im finally exited for vr

  • Jason Mounce

    Can’t wait for the Let’s Plays of the game on Youtube.

    Then FineBros will make Elders/Teens React to watching videos of dudes screwing a hole and playing the game and make millions.

  • Aika

    EDIT: looks like the indiegogo page has been made private again?

    • VirtuaDolls

      We’re back. Sold too many, too fast the first time around. We’re prepped for the demand now.

  • Pharese Jackson

    the extinction of the use of lotion has now begun lol

  • Immahnoob



    • VirtuaDolls

      We’re back 🙂

      • Immahnoob

        Great to have you back.

  • theguru

    The characters (both men and women) in “Girls of Arcadia,” will it be possible to change their facial and/or body features?

  • Shrouddancer

    I want to know if there is any chance that there could be a mod where the player could hook to the computer or Xbox and use say Daz 3D to design his/her own partners on their own. I know there was a thing I saw that supposedly allowed creation of personalized characters in concert with company designers but how about a option were the 12 slots are blank and a Genesis 3 character can be inserted designed and refined to the players personal preference? Just a thought. And as for the gaming aspect most of the people I know would, given a choice opt out of that and save the disk space for character development.

  • Agent_Blade

    This is the first I’ve heard of this. Sounds very interesting. Will be keeping my eye on this one.