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Make Street Fighter IV More Exciting With This Poison Mod

Street Fighter IV’s small modding community has just introduced something new – a shemale Poison mod. Fans of Poison will likely know her backstory, though it’s still in dispute as to what she has hiding in those cut-offs.

Over the years, we’ve seen video game characters of all orientations and genders. From butch women to effeminate boys, most of the bases have been covered at least once. None spur on more debate quite like the dubiously gendered characters out there. Nintendo is known for two in particular: Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Vivian from Paper Mario, with both characters living in a “Schrödinger’s gender” situation. One of the more famous examples, though, is Street Fighter’s own Poison.

Fans who have followed Street Fighter’s history (and the history of Poison’s debut game, Final Fight) will know that Poison has sat in a strange space between male and female since her inception. Poison was left deliberately ambiguous by the developers, though this may have stemmed partially from a hesitation to beat up female characters. Regardless, the debate rages on, fueled by Capcom’s own reluctance to give a firm answer. Because of this, Poison has risen to fame with artists and communities that like their women with that little bit extra.

With Poison’s reintroduction in Ultra Street Fighter IV, the character was thrust back into the limelight once again. Thus, the opportunity arose for modders to make the decision regarding Poison’s gender themselves. While the modding scene for Street Fighter has never hit The Elder Scrolls levels of input, it certainly exists. Most mods are aesthetic, such as alternate costumes or nudity, but sometimes you’ve just got to go that step further.

Introducing the Poison Shemale Mod, a mod that does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A mod combining both nudity and some additional 3D work, this particular model takes things to new heights. While there have been nude Poison mods in the past, none have seen such a tremendous girth before. If you like your women with not only a cock, but a cock that would rival a horse’s, then look no further.

The Poison mod itself changes a few things about the character besides the obvious inclusion of the cock. Poison’s body has been reshaped to a more realistic aesthetic, with around 90% being altered in some way. The author has opted to add some more “masculine” features as well to fit the tone, such as a more pronounced musculature on different areas of the body. Poison’s hair has also been reshaped to hit a higher fidelity, with the author taking inspiration from Final Fight. There’s also 5 different shapes and poses for the cock itself, with realistic texture mapping to boot.

If you’re interested in providing your Poison with a hefty lethal weapon, then check out the Mod DB for information. According to the title given by uploader MATTEO_, this is only an early version (0.1) so it could be subject to changes. The file is around 338MB in size, and will replace your model of Poison for this gloriously bepenised one instead. You will need to install all Poison’s costumes in order for it to work, which comes to 5 in total. Naturally, the mod likely won’t be endorsed by Capcom, but in lieu of their confirmation on Poison’s gender, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. You’ll be needing both of them for this one.

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