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Punch Line Gets New Teaser Trailer and Website

Punch Line, a video game named after the anime series of the same name, has just received a new teaser trailer and website. The anime first aired in April of 2015, with developer 5pb picking up the Playstation adaptation.

If you frequent Crunchyroll, you’ve likely come across a range of anime series both popular and niche. Depending on how hardcore an anime fan you are, you may even know most of the series they air on the service. If you follow your anime release seasons closely, you might have come across one named Punch Line. Created by MAPPA, Punch Line follows the story of a group of young adults as they fight, unbeknownst to most of them, to save the world. They just do it in rather a strange way.

The plot to Punch Line, while strange to an outsider, actually sits quite comfortably within the confines of anime. Anime gets pretty weird at the best of times, and Punch Line certainly pulls no punches in that respect. The game will follow a similar line to the anime, with some additional extras, including multiple endings. Punch Line follows the story of one Yūta Iridatsu, a young man living in an apartment complex with four girls. Everything is fairly normal in his life until one day, he finds himself forcefully ejected from his body following an incident with a bus.

At that point, things get weird. Yūta becomes a spirit, destined to float the nether between worlds. He doesn’t have to do it alone however, as thankfully a friendly cat spirit is there to guide him. Cats are known for their spirit guidance, with Chiranosuke (the cat) briefing Yūta on his new astral form. It seems he will have to master his spirit powers should he have any hope, and must use them to protect his fellow housemates from various scenarios. There’s just one problem: If Yūta happens to see any of the girl’s underwear, a meteor will destroy the planet. Of course it will.

The game takes this premise and incorporates it into an interactive experience. Players will take missions from Chiranosuke, which will lead the player to influence the other housemates. These missions will involve pranks and other ghostly tricks, which will lead Yūta towards his final goal – the Nada Gandala book. The book is said to contain a ritual for returning lost souls to their physical bodies, so it’s quite an important piece of literature to Yūta.

As before however, Yūta must be careful not to let his perverted ways get the best of him. Sneaking a peek at any of the girl’s underwear, while naughty, can cause the entire world to be lost in a hail of heavenly fire. Yūta can only view underwear so much, which gives him a boost of strength known as Über-fy, but unlike the Medic in Team Fortress he struggles to control it. If Yūta goes over his panty limit, he will become overstimulated to the point of losing his consciousness, which results in the loss of Earth. Don’t overthink it.

If you watched the show or just like the idea of the game, you’re in luck. The game’s creators, 5pb, have released the first teaser trailer for Punch Line, along with a new website . The trailer gives us a peek at how the game is likely to look and play, showing off different mechanics and the environments you’ll play in. If you want to find out more, check out the anime to discover what really makes Punch Line tick – there’s certainly more than meets the eye. The game is due to launch on April 28th in Japan, and will be out on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Check out the trailer below.

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