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The Stargazers by Lupiesoft Hits Greenlight

The adult space adventure The Stargazers has arrived on Steam’s Greenlight service. The game has been picked up by Sekai Project, the localization team behind a number of visual novels.

Lupiesoft has been working hard lately to bring us their next game – The Stargazers. No stranger to the adult medium, Lupiesoft has been making raunchy titles for some time now. Lupiesoft’s games are distinctly recognizable among other novels, with artwork by lead director Taosym, and they hold a certain visual charm. Lupiesoft has dabbled in different styles, from fantasy futanari in The Menagerie to the present day, demonic escapade The Reject Demon.

This time Lupiesoft is looking to the future, both on and off screen. The Stargazers originally started out as an entry for the Yuri Game Jam, a project by where entrants would create a game that fulfilled certain stipulations. Those stipulations, as the name may suggest, were to create an adult title that focused largely on the yuri genre – girl on girl action. Fortunately for fans, Lupiesoft made the decision to make something more of The Stargazers, and began developing it into a fully-fledged game.

the stargazers booty

The Stargazers is still a reasonable way off from release, but Lupiesoft has been working toward its goals. At the beginning of January, we got our first big update. The update detailed some additional characters that would be involved with the story, as well as some more information on the world our heroines inhabit. Now The Stargazers has appeared on Greenlight, announced officially by Sekai Project this afternoon. Lupiesoft has had a relationship with Sekai for a few years now, with the two working together to bring The Reject Demon to Steam in the past.

This new development also means Lupiesoft has more to share about The Stargazers, with a sneak peek at how the game will eventually appear. Up till now we’ve only seen how our heroines will look, though their skin tight uniforms are sure to get a rise from fans alone. Lovers of Vii will be particularly pleased (I know at least one of you wants to buy her), as Lupiesoft have shared some spacious hometown for us on the game’s Greenlight page. It likely won’t disappoint.

If you’re interested in supporting Lupiesoft and The Stargazers, check out Steam Greenlight and cast your vote. You’ll find some general information on the page, including a new trailer (below) to watch. For up-to-date information, you can find Lupiesoft on Twitter to stay ahead of developments. If you’re interested in space booty, skintight uniforms and chubby elf-like girls, The Stargazers is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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  • Hiecchi

    I really dont get it…..why with sekai project and not with mangagamer?
    In the future lupiesoft will share the same fate like wing cloud because of sekais policy” dont release adult titles”
    ……and that would be really sad, because i love lupiesofts vns so much <3

    • amds486

      Didn’t Winged Cloud told Sekai Project to GTFO as a result of said policies? Sekai Project’s name as a publisher disappeared from all Winged Cloud games sold on Steam store.

      • & The first game they’ve released since then is not an adult game :D? The public statement might not be the accurate statement. There is a lot of poaching in this scene.

        • Hiecchi

          I talked with Taosym the creator and he said that maybe there will be a +18 version and sekai would not have a problem with them, still i dont like sekai because the cut the +18 content from titles who didnt get a official all age version.
          I really hope sekai will stop with this

    • They don’t have that policy they just don’t have very much separate store action in comparison. Quite a few games are patchable. Sekai has a tendency to approach evn devs whilst MG don’t? When Menagerie sold on MG, Mg was not publishing they were just the distribution platform.

    • David Bruno

      Saw a similar comment from you on Steam. Would love to know more about where you are finding information (or rather misinformation in this case) regarding this “policy.” Thanks.

  • So no 18+ port?

    P.S. Anybody know if the Menagerie ever got that patch that Lupiesoft kept stating was coming?

    • That still isn’t out yet it was delayed a little initially cause the editor we were working with went to work on sakura swim club mg edition instead. So its taken longer to do ourselves. But this post adds some info to whats coming

      • Fair enough I suppose, but what about Stargazers, or are you folks not ready to comment on that yet?

        • What kind of comment ?

          • Whether or not there will be an 18+ port, or if it will only be an All Ages title!

          • Its still up for consideration though in a general sense it was not aimed at being an adult title initially. Won’t be able to say until we come closer to a release date.

          • Fair enough!

  • Silverleaf

    Stargazers was never intended to have an 18+ version as far as I’m aware.

    As for Managerie, Lupiesoft should be getting that patch out in February. Last I heard Taosym said February. They are including some completely new art for some routes not just improving readability and fixing bugs.