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Sakura Swim Club, a popular title from the popular Sakura series by Winged Cloud, has just received a big update. The game will now have a Japanese language voice over.

There’s some big news for fans of the Sakura series, as one of their games has just received a major content update. Ordinarily, Sakura games are purely text-based, which is understandable for a visual novel. Not so much anymore, however, as of today, Sekai Project announced that the popular game Sakura Swim Club will now have voice acting.

A lot of visual novels tend towards the text-based method, which allows developers to focus more on the dialogue itself than finding someone to voice act. It seems as though Sakura Swim Club has done well enough to warrant this change, though, which will likely be a very welcome one to fans. In their update post, Sekai personally thanked everyone, saying “thanks to everyone’s support we’ve just updated the game to include a Japanese dub”. That’s good news for the industry too, as it shows publishers can really look out for those who support them.

It’s likely in future that other, similar titles will be receiving the same update. We can only hope this is true, as who wouldn’t want the addition of sexy moaning in their visual novel? For those who purchased the game on Steam, the download should complete automatically, and you’ll be ready to go. For anyone who purchased the game elsewhere, you’ll need to manually install the patch, but as those versions are 18+, there should be some extra voiced scenes there for you.

Sakura Swim Club is currently on sale on multiple platforms at discounted price, which will end in January (at least on Steam). You can grab the softcore version on Steam for $7.49 , or the hardcore version on MangaGamer ($7.46) and Denpasoft ($7.49). There is an uncensored patch available, however, so if you like to show off to your friends just how much anime booty you’ve tapped, you’ll be just fine with Steam. Keep an eye out for future updates here on LewdGamer, as we hope to bring you more from Winged Cloud in the future.

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