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Bunny Black 2 Full Fan Translation Patch Released

English fan translation group Seiha Translations has come out with a full translation patch for the sequel to SofthouseChara’s strategy eroge, Bunny Black.

Originally released at the beginning of 2012 in Japan, Bunny Black 2 is the direct sequel to SofthouseChara’s eroge visual novel with turn-based strategy and RPG elements. Taking place shortly after the end of the first Bunny Black with the fallen and resurrected hero Darx now-turned new Overlord (Maou). Having taken the former Overlord as his wife and bringing peace to the area known as Overlord’s Forest, Darx now faces a new outside threat from Heavens themselves. A group of invaders commanded by three angel women quickly seize half of his domain. It’s now up to Darx and his army of monsters to regain his lost lands and take the fight directly to the invaders.

Similarly to the first Bunny Black, the sequel lets you build up and control a small army of monsters, level them up through combat and explore complicated mazes and dungeons on the way to your final goal. Establishing military superiority with your diverse group of monster soldiers might be the meat of the game, but the cherry on top is the conquest of enemy female combatants and getting into their pants by any means necessary.

Take a look at some select screenshots from the original censored Japanese version of Bunny Black 2 below.

The full English translation patch for Bunny Black 2 can now be downloaded from Seiha Translation’s official forums with the installation instructions included in the archive. The same thread can also be used to report any bugs or errors you have encountered while playing the game. This ultimately helps the translation group to fix all of those issues in future patches.

For those starving for more sexual conquest and dominance, physical copies of Bunny Black 2 are available at the Getchu store for 7,282 yen. Take up your sword and genitalia now!

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