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Fan translation group Loe Quality Translations is back with a nukige translation of Hara Miko Shimai, an eroge starring shrine maiden sisters.

Loe Quality Translations, known for previously translating such nukige (games with a high focus on sex) as Hara ☆ Para!! ~Swan Nakadashi Paradise~ and Hara Kano!! ~Ano Ko To Lovelove Harabote Seikatsu~ has released a new translation patch for Hara Miko Shimai.

Hara Miko Shimai is a short eroge released by developer Swanmania at the end of 2008 in Japan. The premise of this very short erotic visual novel has the protagonist Akira getting possessed by an evil, and more importantly, horny spirit. Seeking respite and a solution to his problem, Akira asks two miko (shrine maiden) sisters Hazuki and Uzuki for help in exorcising the spirit from his body. Lots of kinky sex follows as the sisters use various spiritual methods to appease the lusty ghost.

The patch translates the entirety of Hara Miko’s story into English, including the Uzuki and Hazuki routes, the common route as well as the harem end. Loe Quality Translations has revised the translation for this release and hopes the quality of the overall work is much higher, with less errors than the group’s previous releases.

Check out some sample CGs from the already translated but censored version of the game below.

The full English fan translation patch can now be downloaded from Loe Quality Translation’s official blog found here. It should be noted that the only element that remains untranslated is the UI, but LQT has provided a short image guide for those that feel themselves lost in navigating the game.

If you are looking for an original copy of the game, the censored, digital, Japanese version is available at the Getchu store for 3,024 yen.

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