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Sexy Heroine RPG Hitsuji Chronicle is Now on Nutaku

Erotic free-to-play game publisher Nutaku has made a new title called Hitsuji Chronicle available on their service.

Hitsuji Chronicle allows you to step into the shoes of Templar of the Holy Order. On a quest to rid the fallen Nanatsu village of the Demon King’s minions, you will be rescuing captive maidens and employing their help to restore belief in the Church throughout the lands. As always, you can continue reading on for a story synopsis and more info on the game’s features.

The remote Nanatsu village has been ravaged by minions of the Demon King, scattering its inhabitants and poisoning their belief in the divine Church! As a righteous Templar of the Holy Order, you have been tasked with redeeming the villagers and returning its strong but willful maidens to the stern ways of the Faith. Are you prepared to rebuild the hamlet and save its residents from perdition? Will Nanatsu village become a bastion of faith, or a hive of villainy?

Strap on your sword and prepare for some crusading conquest!


A new and easy to play original Action Game.

Story Mode:

Defeat the evil minions and monsters that have surrounded Nanatsu Village and free the captured Girls. Talk with them, discover their problems and do your best to help them. Each solved problem brings you closer to their more Intimate Secrets.


Use your free Gacha tickets and Prayer points in order to unlock unique Heroines that will be at your side during your adventure. Choose between the 4 types of Gachas and maybe you will create the most powerful armies in the realm.

Special Quests:

Want to do more good and destroy more evil? Special Quests are will offer you the possibility of completing special missions that will require your full concentration, skill and help from your Heroines.


Check out the 2 Shops and see if you can find the required items that will be your ace in battles. Also, keep in mind that the Shops contain materials that unlock the receipts that will reveal the Dirtiest Secrets of your Heroines.

In Hitsuji Chronicle, you won’t just be converting people with the word of God, but also the strongest and most indomitable weapon man has at his disposal: the penis. Check out some uncensored CG samples from the game’s sex scenes below.

As with previous Nutaku published games, Hitsuji Chronicle is a free-to-play game with optional microtransactions. All you need to do to start playing is register for a Nutaku account on the website, after which you can begin your quest with beautiful and fuckable non-believer and believer girls.

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  • Hiecchi

    Still waiting for KanColle >_>

  • Kelborne

    Anyone know how money-grubby these Nutaku games are? I would assume they go for the wallet pretty hard which is why I haven’t bothered with them thus far.

    • Will Sith

      I joined not long ago. So far I am not bothered. You can buy gold with real money but I have yet to see any pushy pop-ups telling me to buy gold. But then again I have not been a member long. -edit for spelling

    • DDragon

      Not at all, I would say. I’ve been playing their games a lot and haven’t dropped a dime. It’s totally not like those facebook games where you can’t progress until you pay up. You have many options in Nutaku games and there is always an opportunity to get everything for free.