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Independent developer LustOverReality has recently released a new public release of their monster girls breeding simulator Adventurous Monster Breeder.

LustOverReality has come out with a new public update build to their breeding simulator Adventurous Monster Breeder, which stars all sorts of monster girls. The Unreal Engine 4 game was previously known as The Tamer, but the developer decided to rename it to Adventurous Monster Breeder to better fit the theme.

The change log from the 3.5.0 version, along with some screenshots from this build, can be viewed below.

3.5.0 Changelog

Additions – Genetic Level – Furryfication Level – CatGirl Humanoid, Half Furry, and Full Furry versions – Added basic Main Menu and in-game menu – Now when you interact with the monsters appears a mini menu with actions and basic information about the monster – Basic Monster information including, pregnancy status, furry and genetic level, name, mother’s name. – Materials Improvements

Bug Fixes – Bed Rotation Problem fixed – Bug in Multiple monster interaction fixed – Infant Pregnancy Fixed

Version 3.5.0 of Adventurous Monster Breeder can now be downloaded here . For information on the game and future updates, be sure to follow the game’s development blog . LustOverReality also has a Patreon that offers early access to all of the latest builds of the game as soon as they come out.

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