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“A person is judged based on their wealth, and according to the aristocracy, those who have no wealth of their own become the wealth of others.”

Such is life in the halls of the Menagerie, an opulent harem within the city of Alabast, where the richest and most powerful go to indulge in their most lurid desires. The Managerie is run by the former swordswoman and adventurer Sabei Koni, who in her expeditions to parts unknown has amassed a sizeable fortune. As a collector, Sabei specializes in retrieving special artifacts as well as exotic females from around the world, who she “employs” at her establishment.

Rao-ji, a uniquely endowed lizard-elf hybrid, is one such collected curiosity. Hatched from an egg and raised by Sabei since infancy, Rao-ji has lived her entire life within the walls of the Menagerie, enjoying slightly more privilege than the average servant, while still performing the same duties as any other.

In the City of Alabast: The Menagerie is an upcoming visual novel from Lupiesoft that follows the exploits of Rao-ji, as she navigates the seedy underworld of Alabast’s most prestigious brothel and interacts with her fellow workers and clients. Personalities mesh and clash, and who Rao-ji chooses to side with opens up branching pathways as the story progresses, as well as opportunities for steamy encounters.

The surprisingly lengthy demo that I played introduced me to a diverse array of characters, including the voluptuous elven noble Jouya, the kind-hearted naiad Asumimiya, the mischievous tree-dweller Monkey, the masochistic drow Aisha, and finally Sabei, the Menagerie’s strong and level-headed proprietor.

There is no voice acting to speak of, but the music consists of wonderfully exotic tunes, with woodwinds and strings that bring to mind lands of the middle and far east, lending much to the game’s general theme of foreign mystique. The colors of the myriad characters are varied and eye catching, and the red/purple hues of the different backgrounds create an intoxicating atmosphere of sultry decadence.

Several different H-scenes are to be found in the demo, generally involving clients and even other servants taking advantage of Rao-ji’s docile nature. Futanari-with-female is the main feature on display, with smaller themes of bdsm cropping up to be explored if the player so desires. Sex scenes depicting the different women having their way with Rao-ji are not animated, but are intimately written and well-illustrated.

While no specific release date for the final product has been settled, you can look forward to fully exploring the depths of The Menagerie’s exotic characters sometime this Spring.

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