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Groupees Is Holding a MangaGamer Bundle Right Now

Groupees, a charity bundle site similar to Humble Bundle, are offering a MangaGamer bundle right now. The bundle includes five adult titles, all for the low price of $10.

If you haven’t heard of Groupees, we’re here to fill in your holes with hot, sticky knowledge. Groupees originally started as a bundle site for music, as the musically themed name might suggest, supporting select charities through purchases made on their site. While you’ll still find music on the site, Groupees has expanded to include video games too. Luckily for fans of the adult, their latest bundle is aimed at you.

Sexy Demon Transformation (2) groupees

The bundle (available here), which was created in conjunction with MangaGamer, will offer buyers five games for the price of one. For the next 15 or so days, you’ll be able to get your hands on these games for the rather reasonable price of $10. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the usual Groupees model is in effect here, which ordinarily provides a bonus depending on how many bundles have sold. Regardless, five games for a tenner certainly isn’t bad, especially when you consider one alone is $24.95.

For your money you’ll get access to all these saucy games – Harem Party, Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister, Sexy Demon, Transformation!, Secret Sorrow of the Siblings and Shera, My Witch. These games are all rather adult, and while there’s a mixed bag on censoring, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of raunchy scenes. While Groupees have kindly provided some information about each game on the bundle page, you’ll be getting the best picture from MangaGamer themselves. As is customary, we’ve created a little preview below, where you can find links to the game’s descriptions.

harem party groupees

Harem Party

Visual Novel, Adventure, No Mosaics, Female Voiced, Battle, Fantasy, Hardcore

Grab your “sword” and experience this school-based comedy, featuring a group of girls who appear from a young man’s RPG. Now in the world of the living, the girls join our protagonist, Moriuji, as he begins his quest to defeat the game’s boss. It’s no simple task however, as this Demon Lord is now in the real world too! Check it out on MangaGamer.

forbidden love groupees

Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister

Visual Novel, Adventure, Mosaics, Female Voiced, Family, Big Boobs

Handa Masayuki and Mayuka have finally gotten married after seven years together. Today, they’re moving in to their new home, and Mayuka’s sister, Natsume Sasa, has come over to help out. Soon, things begin to get tense, as Masayuki is unable to resist the charm of Sasa. The two begin an affair, and it all kicks off. Check it out on MangaGamer.

sexy demon transformation groupees

Sexy Demon, Transformation!

Visual Novel, Adventure, No Mosaics, Female Voiced, Animated, Comedy, Fantasy, Tentacles

Reclaim the position of “Boss”, the great and powerful leader of a group known as “the Exorcists”. With a command of the occult, force demons to do your bidding, using them to take the seat of power from Asuka. With your demons in tow, ravage and impregnate your enemies to fulfill your dream of becoming the Boss. Check it out on MangaGamer.

secret sorrow groupees

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings

Visual Novel, Adventure, Mosaics, Female Voiced, Incest

Two twins, Kaito and Rikuto, are always at odds. While the younger Rikuto is intelligent and athletic, Kaito falls by the wayside as the nerdy failure. One night, Kaito sees his young sister, Arisa, using her mouth to please Rikuto. Displeased at being left out, Kaito uses blackmail to get back at his sister. It’s time for the rules to change. Check it out on MangaGamer.

shera my witch groupees

Shera, My Witch

Visual Novel, Adventure, No Mosaics, Female Voiced, Cosplay, Family, Fantasy, Hardcore

Our hero’s father has made a deal with the devil. Before long, a sexy succubus shows up to fulfill the contract, but before she can continue she spots our hero. Immediately falling in love, the succubus abandons the contract to pursue Satoru for herself. Surviving on sex, these succubi will need a lot of care and attention! Check it out on MangaGamer.

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  • DarkMerc

    Very nice. I’ve been waiting to grab Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister for a while now. I already had Harem Party but it’s worth grabbing the others for that price.

    • passthegrenadeplease

      I wasn’t aware that Hell Droppers were into reading hentai visual novels, color me surprised. I suppose after killing hordes of the convenant, you just got to indulge in some lewd eye candy.

      • YuneKirby

        They probably run all kinds of lewd games in their helmet HUDs.

        • passthegrenadeplease

          Lol, I got to give you some brownie points for tickling my funny bone, my hat’s off to you.

      • DarkMerc

        Well when you’re stuck in those drop pods for hours because you messed up your jump there needs to be some way to pass the time. What better way then with a quick fap session?

  • I feel like this is going to effect the sales of the 2 releases or more left this month.