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Fans of the ever popular classic RPG Final Fantasy 7 that also enjoy lewd games may be in for a treat. Developers Supersize Rice recently released “Fainal Ecstacy” an ero-RPG parody featuring characters from the game performing sexual acts at the direction of the player.

The game features Tifa, Aeris, and others from Final Fantasy 7 as they embark on various missions that lead them into an assortment of sexual situations. The game also features the classic turn-based combat of the parent series, with job changing and level grinding being core aspects.

“Story ================================

Tefa goes deep undercover……

Among the rebel bases of Avalanche is “Seventh Heaven”,

a run-down bar staffed by a notable babe in a white tanktop.

Her name is Tefa, and she handles many requests.

But this one will take her on an unbelievable adventure…

“I never wanted THIS kind of job change……”

To obtain what may be the world’s ultimate power,

and to ultimately take on Shinra Corporation, Tefa goes deep.

Her role: a no-holds-barred prostitute……”

This eroge title features an abundance of quality illustrations and is completely voiced, there is even a slight amount of animation during some of the more intense moments. Fans of the series and ero-RPGs should be pleased with this chance to play as these iconic characters in such depraved style.

“Game Features ================================

ATB with an original ecchi battle system!

Just like the classic FF game, you control Tefa in side-view active time battle!

This game features job changes and skill learning, but as an ero RPG

in addition to White Mage and Black Mage, she can become a Prostitute!

Swap a certain number of times and gain access to magic, seduce

enemies, and bring them down in “whore battle”!

Cosplay as a bunny girl, schoolgirl, in swimsuit, in bondage, and more!

Sex scenes feature r*pe, oral sex, handjobbing, gangbangs, titjobs……

Sex scenes comprise 25 base CGs, over 300 total including variations,

with animation and full voice acting (with the option to disable voice)!”

Source: DLsite Source: Sankaku complex

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