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Review: Premium Play Darkness

One of the Better Simulation Games

Illusion Studios is a giant in eroge known for it’s customization, sim games, 3D graphics and making hardcore eroge such as the controversial Rapelay, Battle Raper, and Artificial Girl. Their games are usually genre leaders in what they are trying to achieve.

Premium Play Darkness is a 3D character customization and sex simulator game that allows you to create the woman of your dreams from a variety of customization options. From costume, hair, body types, and voices then lets you toss them in a variety of scenarios from classrooms, to bathrooms, to holy altars, and even public parks to beat the pussy up like Mankind in his “I quit” match versus The Rock.

Due to Illusion’s company policy, their games are not intended to be sold or used outside of Japan, and official support is only given in Japanese and for use in Japan. Unfortunately the dialogue is voiced entirely in Japanese, and the fan-made translation of the dialogue this game’s story mode is indecipherable to the point of being comedic. Expect lots of “Engrish” and not to know what’s going on besides rapist zombies, Yakuza, a schoolgirl, and her superhero boyfriend. Lines like “the boy is the possibility of size” will definitely keep you laughing at least, even if it’s unintentional. All of these characters can be replaced by custom characters you make. Choosing characters with different personalities, or simply changing the personality will open up different routes, even different scenarios through this visual novel style story interspersed with sex scenes.

The sex scenes are controlled entirely by the mouse. With left and right click going through poses The graphics are nice as is the poser but unlike other Illusion games where there is some kind of performance meter H-mode in premium play darkness is purely aesthetic. Nothing can be achieved from trying to perform well in a scene so feel free to take them at whatever pace you like. Levels indicate the state of arousal from a cold fish at one to ahegao at 3. You only have to play a little bit of the story to skip right to H-mode and customization, and that’s what I’d recommend doing. There are 110 sex positions, with 30 being BDSM based, and even a set featuring creatures called “demihumans”. These range from a giant pig monster, to a giant spider, to a xenomorph with two dicks, and a lesbian scenario.

Demihumans are featured in the “hard mode” of Premium Play Darkness. Mind you it’s not the difficulty that increases as much as the scenes being more hardcore featuring 3 ways, 4 ways, suspensions, being tied, caged, and of course, the demihumans.

This game is definitely filled with dark, hardcore, erotic action with a focus on fetishes and rough sex, but it won’t be until the recently released Real Play that we’ll see a game that could be considered a true successor to Rapelay so if you’re looking for that I would hold off for Real Play. But if you’re interested in dark fantasy and fetish scenarios (you can even set up some femdom), you can’t go wrong with premium play darkness. Great graphics, lots of poses, stages, customization, and included characters, but the Japanese censorship of male and female genitalia, relative difficulty of installation having to use app locale to convince the game it’s running on a Japanese system, and the poor translation of the story mode might put a lot of people off.


  • Lots of customization Lots of Scenes Caters to all kinds of fetishes


  • localized games installation and patching can be difficult.
  • Story
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


The fetishes in this game include rape, bdsm, monsters, torture group sex and many more your imagination is the only limit.

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