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[UPDATE] Libra of the Vampire Princess Gets Funded on Kickstarter

With just five days left, MiKandi Japan’s eroge visual novel Kickstarter for onomatope*’s Libra of the Vampire Princess has been successfully funded.

[UPDATE] The Libra of the Vampire Princess Kickstarter campaign has officially ended at $183,106 securing three additional stretch goals in the form of two mini episodes set before the main story of the game and a new English theme song with a video. [/UPDATE]

Libra of the Vampire Princess was previously approved on Steam Greenlight within a week of it appearing on the platform. MiKandi of Japan and XERO were asking for $125,000 to fully fund the campaign. The 50+ hour visual novel, which features 4 different routes and cute vampire girls, will be receiving both a digital Steam release and physical DRM-free versions.  About 50% of the funding’s budget will directly go the translation efforts, 20% will be used for backer rewards, 20% for additional game development and the final 10% will pay the Kickstarter fees. Additionally, MiKandi Japan has announced on their Twitter account that they will now be focusing their efforts on preparing the final backer rewards for the project.

While the $125,000 goal XERO and MiKandi Japan set for the campaign may not seem that big when compared to other projects on the service, it is quite sizeable for a rather new and little known visual novel game translation. Even if it seemed a little touch-and-go for the Kickstarter’s successful funding over the past two weeks, we are still happy that VN fans banded together to give the project one final financial push.

Both Muv-Luv’s extremely successful Kickstarter and XERO’s venture are prime examples that show Japanese visual novels have a place to stay on the Western market. VN fans are more than happy to give these talented and hard-working developers a chance, whereupon the devs will, in turn, reach out to the fans for constructive feedback. We hope that more Japanese producers, large and small ones alike, will set their eyes on this new building business frontier after seeing such a growing trend.

For more information about the game’s characters, the staff working on the project and the miscellaneous backer rewards, just visit to Libra of the Vampire Princess Kickstarter page directly. Be sure to also give our previous articles on the game a look.

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  • scemar

    So far crowdsourcing has been hit or miss for games but for localizations it has worked very nicely. It gives the companies the chance to gauge interest in a game and maybe get a localization out with a low risk, and it gives the fans the chance to make a good translation happen if they’re willing to support it.

    And that last picture, oh man that’s lewd. That won’t get pass Steam.

    • Cats736

      >And that last picture, oh man that’s lewd. That won’t get pass Steam.

      They won’t be in the Steam version, there will be a patch either from fans or an official one that adds it back.