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Review: Parasite in City

You're pretty fucked.

Parasite in City is a side-scrolling action adventure game by Pixel Factory released in late 2013. Since its inception, the game has seen numerous updates expanding upon the main game. The player is put in the role of a nameless blonde girl; the sole survivor of a post-apocalyptic event that has left the world in ruin, creating horny parasites that wander the streets for bitches to fuck. The game itself focuses primarily on combat with some mild platforming elements, making use of terrain to create obstacles that both hinder and benefit you as you progress. There are three different areas to overcome; as seen from the main menu, as well as other options available which we will get into later. The primary goal for each level is to make it to the end with your life and ovaries intact—something that at times is easier said than done.

Going down on the basics

As a side-scroller, the basic functions of the game play similarly to others of its genre. The arrow keys move you left and right while up and down allows you to crouch and jump respectively. The game also gives you the ability to make a running jump by simply combining the two, something that definitely comes in useful for both dodging short enemies and leaping between distant platforms. Still using the arrow keys, you are able to move parts of the terrain to your advantage and to climb up to areas otherwise unreachable. This is actually used in the opening of the game, forcing the player to get to grips with this mechanic early on. The movement works just as you expect it would, so it’s easy to become familiar with.

The other focus of play is combat. After the initial area where you learn how to move, you encounter our first batch of horny enemies that are desperate to have a go at you. These initial enemies don’t pose much of a threat, especially if you have enabled “easy mode” at the start menu. Easy mode essentially makes enemies die in a single shot instead of three, which can be useful if you’re having any trouble progressing. You start with a pistol and a few magazines at your disposal, with more available later in the level. The combat mechanics are okay for the most part. You can shoot straight ahead and you can shoot diagonally up or down. The shooting mechanics work in much the same way as Resident Evil (at least the old ones before they got insane) where you’d stand still to fire. This is done by holding shift and pressing the fire button ‘z’. It certainly works, though there are times it feels lacking. That time comes when you meet the first bug enemy, that weaves between the three directions you are able to fire in. This becomes extremely annoying from a game-play perspective, and you will curse the bugs while they dole out rape as punishment. Personally I felt this game would have benefited from a less restrictive aiming system governed by mouse input, but it’s nothing to get too upset over.

Other mechanics include the ability to reload at any time, something which will infuriate you to no end as you can easily hit the button by accident. This isn’t your typical shooter as when you reload, you’ll load over the entire magazine even if it was full. If you reload prematurely, then bye-bye bullets. Seriously, the amount of times you’ll accidentally hit ‘x’ instead of ‘z’ is fucking ridiculous. Aside from this we have one player mechanic left to cover, and what kind of eroge would this be without casual masturbation? Your blonde hero has the ability to masturbate on command by pressing the ‘c’ button, and she certainly enjoys doing so. This is in place because as well as your health, how horny you are can also be your downfall. You can arrive to such a downfall in two ways;  being killed by losing your health, or you can be killed by cumming to death. Being too horny in battle will make your heroine too lusty to control, opening you up to further attacks and fucking. The only way to escape once you’ve been knocked down and raped is to mash left and right on the arrow keys, something which gets more difficult as the levels progress.

“And that’s how the boobies bounce”

I have to say I enjoyed this game, apart from a few gripes mentioned. It’s well built and obviously crafted with love. The art style and direction is very well done, incorporating gorgeous pixel art scenery and hand crafted sprites. The game also includes, as most eroge do, a gallery where you can unlock scenes as you progress. These scenes are actually animated, and while they’re not perfect they are a very nice addition to the game. In saying that, however; the actual animations of the main game are spot on. Even the main menu looks great with our heroine on her knees, chest heaving as she waits for you to pull the trigger and give her the parasite dick.

The mechanics I explained earlier also work to the game’s benefit, as it’s very easy to pick up. I also found the inclusion of an easy mode to be a thoughtful addition, allowing players who want to play one-handed, the ability to do so in relative comfort. The game thinks about your ease of masturbation. Isn’t that nice? Likewise, on the main menu there is an option titled “Omake”, which takes you to a test facility where you can unleash all manner of monsters upon your poor big-boobed heroine. Again this is a great little addition, perfect for those of you who just want to jerk off with ease. You will have to have played through at least once however to unlock every monster, but it’s definitely worth it.

While the game is good in most aspects, I do have some gripes with it that pissed me right off. One example was the bug enemies, that were quite a big pain in the ass, and not just for the heroine. There were many times where I would be swarmed by four of them, and while one had begun to take me for its incubator, the rest would float either side of me. This led to situations where I was just unable to escape without being knocked down again. It by no means ruined the game, but since this was in the first area I can see people rage quitting without pressing on. The other main gripe I had was again with the reloading. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to hit the wrong button and lose an entire magazine; not that they aren’t plentiful, but it really does annoy you. Finally, the game is rather short. There are only three sections to play through in total, and you can burn through them all quite quickly. What is there, is worth the play, but some more enemies and levels wouldn’t go amiss.

How’s the ecchi?

While this may be a game with real mechanics and game-play, we all know that it markets itself as a way to beat your meat first. I can safely say that this game will definitely cater to that position. Every enemy in the game has the ability to pin you down and make you their bitch. This generally happens after you’ve sustained a couple of hits and are knocked to the floor. During that time, you can either mash the arrow keys to escape or succumb to your fate. Giving in to your urges allows multiple enemies to gang-rape you without mercy, taking away health and raising your horny meter. These enemies can combine forces, which results in a huge number of different scenes on top of just the single enemy rape animations. Some enemies can even impregnate you, and once the next generation is born they will happily do the same!

The H-scenes are well produced with sexy animations, sounds and artwork. Adding to that, in the foreground of the game are more monsters fucking! This really sets the tone for a dystopian sex game, adding to the atmosphere that she really is in trouble here. Previously mentioned before, the Omake and Gallery options are a very welcome addition to Parasite in City. The Omake section in particular really caught my attention, allowing me to violate this young lady on command. I also thought the design of this area worked really well, particularly for those that are into the “helpless fucktoy” angle. I know I inserted myself into the scenes at least a couple of times! Who doesn’t want to be ruthlessly fucked now and again?

For a game to nail both a balance of ecchi and gameplay is difficult, but Pixel Factory have shown they are certainly up to the task. Despite being advertised as an eroge, it actually holds up as a game in its own right. There is a sequel coming too in the not so distant future, and so far the art looks just as good, if not better than the original. This is a solid game in its own right with great features and ecchi to boot, and is definitely something you should consider adding to your wank bank if you enjoy the kinks present here. – P


  • Great sound, visuals and animation
  • H-scenes are well made and have variety
  • Game play is mostly solid throughout
  • Extra features


  • Combat could be better
  • Enemy swarming is tedious and a mood killer at times
  • Quite short
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Art and Graphics
  • Replay Value


A robust little title on its own two feet with or without the ecchi, definitely worth looking into.

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