You will never be the same again

Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny AKA

~Impregnated by Lusty Tentacles at the

Ends of Oblivion~

Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny is a somewhat odd title. At times the quality is outstanding whereas; in other areas, it’s fairly sub-par. The story is very bare bones and the endings are quite ambiguous, leaving the player somewhat lukewarm.

The story is quite basic, opening with a woman who doesn’t remember anything about herself. She wakes up, with no recollection of her past or who she is. She’s in an open forest clearing and has a pounding headache. At first the girl’s name is “???” but in time it becomes known to the player that her name is Milles.

Besides the lump on her head, she is basically fine. Milles discovers that she is bleeding however and comes across a large shrine devoted to a local god. The shrine is situated near a waterfall and a hot spring. Standing near it, Milles feels uncomfortable. Debating whether or not to approach it, she is accosted by a creature. The beast is a slime monster, that restrains her before plowing the living daylights out of her in every single orifice.

After being raped by the tentacles, she comes to the nearby town, where she meets the local royalty and an incredibly capable bounty hunter named Cadia—my favourite character. Milles and Cadia are hired to help Princess Regina and her charge Sadin escape the city. Unfortunately, the only way out of the city is through the forest. This is the same forest where Milles was previously raped.

The story is told the same way as every visual novel, with third person narration, and standard dialogue making up the bulk of the game. Each character doesn’t get much development, with the exception or one or two. Milles, for instance, has some development over the course of the game, but I personally disliked where it ended up. The one character that was the most likable and interesting doesn’t get much back-story or characterization throughout, in fact; Cadia is mostly useless during the entire ordeal. Something in the game always conspires to make her, the strongest character; completely helpless in most given situations. This was frustrating. The actual writing is quite competent, with little to no typos, and intense detail.

When the end of the game is in sight; bare in mind there are about five or six of them, the game just abruptly ends. None of the several different endings really offer much than another specific kink. There’s no resolution to the main conflicts in the game and no further information is given on the other supporting characters situations or decisions after the conclusion is reached. It left me with an empty feeling, wishing they had delved into each character and the game’s unique concept a bit more.

The game-play in Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny is extremely basic—even for a visual novel. The story is advanced by clicking on the text box. Every scene can also be fast-forwarded; making each ending fairly easy to locate and play through. The game can also be set to play just automatically at the default speed. Interestingly enough, there is a configuration option for people if they wish to turn off both any scat and Regina’s pubic hair. These two aren’t mutually exclusive however; they can either both be on, or off.

This line about “anal wrinkles” is the only really unusual sentence in the game.

The game can be saved at any time, for those who are worried they made the wrong decisions. Regarding the agency of the player, there isn’t much. The game is basically just a set of really brutal sex scenes strung together with about three or four decisions to be made during each play-through. Each play-through is incredibly quick, taking roughly about an hour for each path; accounting for “play-time” and reading speed. Certain scenes have animations with them and they look really awkward, and really broke from the immersion of the game. It felt like the animations were slightly rushed.

Visually the game is somewhat hit and miss. Some scenes of the game are fantastically rendered, with lots of detail in the painted backgrounds and the characters with correct proportions displayed. The scenes with futanari were very inconsistent. The character was drawn fine, but their genitals weren’t; particularly the penis. Also, for all those who like their futa with testicles, I’m afraid they’re out of luck here.

The scat is completely optional within the game, generally centering around when a character is tentacle raped and has an enema induced. There is some light self-urination and blood, however; the blood is contextual, as it’s only within scenes where the character’s virginity is taken. Each specific kink is generally only available along a certain path, with the more extreme ones like egg laying, masochism, breast expansion, nipple penetration, and fisting being towards the end scenarios.

The voice acting within the game is fine, fitting with each scene correctly. No voices are particularly grating, but alas it is in Japanese. Despite it being in Japanese, it is noticeable that the voice acting seems to match emotions being displayed via the text and dialogue of each character.

The music is quite pleasant through most of the game, with a few standout tracks I really enjoyed. Strangely, where the audio let the game down was during the “H” scenes. When the game turns to a hentai scene, the music suddenly turns very dark and foreboding; quite off-putting while one is playing the game one-handed. Other than the H scenes, the music was a pleasure to listen to, spanning several different genres—I actually looked for the soundtrack to the game.

I had some fun with Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny. My play-through had the scat and pubis enabled, and several of the scenes in game definitely got me needing to take care of that “itch”; yet I found I couldn’t finish myself off utilising the game. The game got me in the mood, no argument, but I had to seek arousing material elsewhere to actually finish the job myself. The game has some interesting story concepts that are sadly never fully realised. That bugged me, as the opportunity to delve into the mythology of the local God was not further elaborated on; feeling like a missed opportunity. For the asking price of $24.95 from, it’s a tad much to ask for a game that you’ll finish entirely within a morning and not likely even get off to.


  • Interesting story concept
  • Art is often very high quality
  • A plethora of different extreme fetishes
  • Fantastic soundtrack
  • Voice acting works for each scene
  • A few surprises here and there


  • Inconsistent art quality, depending on what path is taken
  • Very little actual choices required
  • Music during H scenes is very offputting
  • Animations are laughable at times
  • Cadia is rendered useless
  • Characters aren't particularly likable
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Art and Graphics
  • Replay Value


Milles is a game for anyone not looking for a deep interactive experience. It will incite arousal, but due to a compounding list of unfortunate factors, it's unlikely players will be able to finish themselves using just the in-game material. The asking price of close to $25 is too much. The game also contains lactation, milking, teasing, impregnation, inflation, egg-birthing, corruption, anal, yuri, double penetration, fisting, breast expansion, nipple pentration, and masochism.

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