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Review: The Legend of Queen Opala

A Rather Sultry Egyptian Royal Family.

Legend of Queen Opala uses a foundation which might seem familiar to some players. It is an RPG utilizing the well-known engine RPG Maker, a long-running series of programs developed by the Japanese ASCII Corporation. These programs give many developers the opportunity to make games by providing a steady base for them to work with, without needing to allocate a lot of funds to programming.

RPG Maker gives creators a greater degree of freedom to customize features of their game, but more complex configurations still require the assistance of programmers to make those alterations. Using the RPG Maker as a functional basis, creators can implement their own unique stories and graphics to make truly original content.

We start this story off as a nameable male protagonist, who I called “Jake.” Jake arrives in Egypt by boat, following the legends of Queen Opala’s beauty, wishing to gaze upon her with his own two eyes. He hastily travels to the capital, encountering some people along the way which may offer him the occasional side quest. These people can easily be identified to the player by a floating exclamation mark on top of their head. Sadly, there isn’t a quest log to follow up these events, so it is up to the player to remember which quests they have. This lack of handholding is promised to be a staple throughout the series, meaning some legwork and intuition are required to make progress.

Once he finally meets the Queen and her royal family, he begins to discover the naughty side of the aristocracy. Future meetings reveal a degree of intrigue at the royal court, and the player is quickly involved in the boiling tensions as Opala’s long lost sister returns to claim the throne for her own. Decisions are crucial in this game, and the player possesses full control how these events will progress, siding with either of them offers the variety in the way of scenes, dialog, exposition, and enemies.

The diversity is to be applauded, as it provides an insightful look into the game lore. Each character is well defined, and their motivations are made clear without needing to resort to dumping a lot of text on the player, which doesn’t mean the dialog lack quality. Although I will admit that there a few awkward lines that don’t fit the bigger picture.

Luckily, these foibles are rare, and most of the writing in these scenes are successful in establishing a better connection to the story. Characterization is particularly well handled, and the additional variety of styles of the art offer a refreshing perspective. Albeit, it isn’t that well executed when one listens to the audio of said scenes, considering they only include a brief set of lines that are spoken by voice actresses. Additionally, the games audio is rather sparse, considering the amount art present in the game.

Completing side quests and fighting certain monsters pay off to unlock even more art and content to experience, but the sheer amount of backtracking to unlock these bonuses can be a bit annoying. Every area in the game is connected to each other with no fast travel available, meaning the player has to walk through the same section repeatedly. Additionally, the random encounters occur every time you travel through an area, leading to extended journeys.

The combat system isn’t anything groundbreaking, and most RPG players will be familiar with these mechanics, with the usual classes like Paladin, healer, and rogue. It offers a familiar experience while at the same time sacrificing originality. While I do not fault this conventional approach, my only complaint about this system is the fact that you can’t choose your primary character’s class.

Legend of Queen Opala was a fresh take on the RPG Genre, offering a decent story with a lot of variety in the western art genre. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a greater focus on the story with some naughty stuff to keep you going, and the lackluster audio does little to dampen the overall experience.


  • Well developed story
  • Art is varied and plentiful
  • High replayability
  • Side quests offer a nice distraction


  • Undeveloped audio
  • Gameplay involves a lot of backtracking
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


This RPG covers intercourse with a general rape undertone and standard vanilla scenarios with humans, monsters, furries and tentacles.

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