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Review: Sakura Angels

A SmackDown Review

Disclosure: This game was purchased by the reviewer with her own cash money because she is a perv.

Do you want a visual novel about mysterious demons, sexy girls, and adventure? Of course you do. Everyone does.

Do you enjoy being so terribly bored you’d rather watch a teleseminar about how much of a shitlord lewd games make you?


If only I had asked myself that last question before I played Sakura Angels.

Sakura Angels sees you take the role of average high school dude Kenta, a loner with the personality and charisma of a brick. One day, on the way home from school Kenta is assailed by a strange dog-demon-monster-thing, just before he’s dragged off to who knows where, two busty girls appear to save the day. This sets in motion a series of events that, in a more skilled writers hands, could have been actually interesting.

The art in the game is attractive. The girls are well designed and the CGs, while tame, are nice. The backgrounds and the poses of the girls are reused far too often, making things seem repetitive. There is also a disconnect with the dialogue and the scenery.

For example, this scene sets it up to be raining and gloomy. Sunshine and blue skies are probably not the best way to express that.

It’s like you’re not even trying.

The use of art assets got really lazy later in the game, particularly the part where you spend about 5 minutes staring at a black screen in a tunnel and the music is very generic VN fare. The sudden start stop of the bgm tracks can be a bit jarring. Overall the music does little beyond pulling you out of an already uninteresting story.

The dialogue is stilted, overly wordy, and unnatural. There is very little effective characterization through the dialogue in the game, it left me feeling even more detached from the rather bland characters that make up the cast.

With only two choices to make throughout the entire game that impact anything, and only two endings that differ only slightly from each other, there is a distinct lack of traditional VN route exploration gameplay.  There is no challenge, no real quest, no engagement or meaningful interaction choices for the player. It also makes this visual novel very short.

I would only recommend this game if for some reason you were a huge fan of the art sadly and while the art is lovely, it cannot carry the rest of the slapdash trainwreck that is Sakura Angels.

Honestly, there are hundreds of more interesting titles out there from which to get your VN fix.

Sakura Angels is a poor effort from Winged Cloud, let’s hope future titles aren’t as poorly done.


  • Well designed girls - Decent CG sets


  • Poorly used generic BGM - Lazy art direction - No meaningful choices - Terrible dialogue - Bland characters - 0 traditional VN gameplay
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Replay Value


Sakura Angels is only worth buying if you're a fan of the artist. There are so many more interesting titles to explore the VN genre with.

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