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Review: Final Fuck

"The Lady Warriors"

Some games manage to balance the lewdness and game-play just right. Some may have a little more of a focus on lewdness without necessarily killing the game-play. Others however just decide to compile a .exe file that could be described as “lewds glued to a game engine”.  In the case of Final Fuck, it seems a bit more like porn rather than an actual game, but its heart appears to be in the right place.

Final Fuck is a side-scrolling beat-’em-up developed by Nonki that has a few issues, but still has a solid balance of fun and filth. It is a clear-cut parody of Final Fight. This review will essentially be talking about the game itself and the DLC add-on Final Fuck (Again). The game remains largely the same compared to the original version except now it boasts “six (6) new characters (plus one secret!) and the enemy characters come with four (4) new erotic motions!” The six new characters include Keifia the Umbrellaist (sic) who is listed as “Keyfear”; Nanaba the Furry Cosplayer, Armored Soldier G.R.A.P.E, Jackie the Treasure Hunter, who to humorous effect is listed as “Jerky”; Monbura the Revenge Lancer, listed as “Monbla”; and last but not least, the final boss character,”Mascotti” the Geo Master who is listed as “Muscaty”. That’s definitely a big boost of the roster, which already had a decent amount of characters like Azukina the Kunoichi Blader, Miruku (listed as “Milk”) the Fundoshi Sailor; Power Wrestler Berry and Genki Chinese Fighter Cherry. Some included, but unlisted characters are there too, like the rule 63 Dio Brando look-alike “K-Pine” and Yuzukina—a ninja.

The strange thing is Final Fuck is a beat-em-up and most beat-em-ups usually have a select amount of characters to play with. They usually provide players with the standard fare of “the fast one”, “the strong one” and “the balanced one”; and some extra one that’s either OP or the one nobody wants anyway.  The game, however, seems to justify this sizable roster by giving the characters individual moves with traditional fighting game commands. They’re typically in the form of quarter circles and they do a decent job of breaking up the monotony. Players are also given a block button and a special attack button. The block button also works as a grab and parry feature. The parry isn’t perfect as players are still likely to take damage, but it DOES allow one to avoid knockdowns and get a good hit in. It adds an interesting bit of depth to a genre that isn’t particularly known for being any deeper than “walk to the right and punch things.”

As far as the game-play, players are tasked with traveling seven stages and bashing their way through waves of freakish, sexy, and/or freakishly sexy enemies. All of them capable of knocking you out or screwing your character silly. On the way, you can pick up food items to replenish your health, and other items like magazines and potion bottles to restore your special move gauge. It all fares pretty well, until you start getting to points where you’re faced with incredibly cheap enemies that are set on knocking you down and keeping you there. Depending on the character you choose it can result in one using cheap tactics to get past them or just suffering until the continue screen shows up.  After a few stages, players will encounter a boss; usually one of the selectable characters from earlier or a stronger enemy character.

The animations aren’t the most fluid, often times appearing slow and choppy, but they’re not the worst out there.  The sprite graphics aren’t super crisp either, featuring jagged edges; however, the colours are vibrant; making the characters easy on the eyes. The stages look particularly separate from the sprites as if they were drawn and then applied to the game; rather than having them done in the same 16-bit fashion as the sprites. It’s kind of odd in comparison and perhaps not the most presentable, but they don’t look too bad; just somewhat awkward. Some sprites even animate well with some degree of parallax scrolling. The game features a diverse cast of enemies, ranging from insane looking thugs; M. Bison look-alikes; acid-spewing mutants; dominatrixes, shirtless femboys, slime monsters, and well endowed bunny girls with boxing gloves. It seems apparent that the designer took a lot of care in creating enough enemy variations that the game doesn’t seem horribly monotonous to look at. The only issue with them is that the A.I. isn’t exactly the brightest. Normally with a beat-em-up, the A.I. doesn’t have to be a genius; however, it does seem awkward when one can stand in place only to have an enemy stand on the other side of the screen, swinging at nothing.

Typically enemy A.I. in beat-em-ups have their awkward moments, but they generally come after you; regardless of where or how far away you are.  In Final Fuck, it’s as if the enemies wait for you to come halfway unless they’re jumping out from the ‘front’ of the screen. It’s not easily noticed if you’re the type to push forward without a second thought, but once you reach a point where you stop; it becomes obvious.

The audio is alright at best; nothing particularly mind-blowing. The background tracks loop but they don’t really get annoying—partially due to it being rather low in the mix. The different stages have different kinds of background music, but due to their understated nature they’re kind of forgettable. The voices, however, suffer from repetition due to lack of samples used for the erotic bits. It all ends up making things sound awkward and hurts the ‘fap’ factor a bit.

Final Fuck feels like a fairly decent, albeit flawed package. The lewdness is quite present, and while it isn’t the kinkiest stuff; it still looks pretty good. If you’re sick of playing the game, Final Fuck Again does offer a gallery mode where you can look at a few pictures and lewd animations of each girl. It’s a nice little bit of fun for when players are done with the game and just want to fap. Overall, the game itself is pretty fun and outside of a really cheap boss; can be beaten in a relatively short time.  The lewd factor is clearly there with a vast cast of sexy characters and enemies. The extras, whilst not the deepest; do look good. Beat-em-up enthusiasts will enjoy this game a bit and lewd fans who enjoy big boobs and an older, jagged aesthetic will also find it somewhat pleasing.  It doesn’t have the quality that would give it high marks, but it’s definitely worth a few casual play-throughs.

Final Fuck can be found at DLSite and the Final Fuck Again DLC can also be found there.


  • Cute player character sprites with big titties. Diverse enemy cast. Interesting fighting system using fighting game commands Infinite continues Variety of characters Lewd gallery for convenient fapping.


  • Jagged edges in the sprite design. Odd looking backgrounds Dumb enemy A.I. Cheap final boss.
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Replay Value


It's a fun distraction with big breasts.

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