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Review: Enzai Falsely Accused

Enzai – Falsely Accused developed by Langmaor, is an eroge that has no shame when it comes to being lewd. Not only that, but it’s going to be a game that you either love, or hate as the content contains gratuitous amounts of forced, homosexual sex within the bleak confines of a men’s prison. If, let’s face it, rape fantasies aren’t  something that you’re into, or is something you find uncomfortable, then Enzai – Falsely Accused is a game you’re going to want to skip. The English translation currently comes on a disc that also includes the sequel, Enzai – Absolute Obedience.

If you do decide to play Enzai – Falsely Accused, you will find that sex isn’t the only thing it brings to the table. The story, set in post-revolutionary France (with some German imagery), follows a young man by the name of Guys, born to a poor family who struggle to make a living. One rainy day, Guys is apprehended after being caught shoplifting candy from a local store. The charge of shoplifting quickly escalates to murder, though it’s obvious that Guys is being set up to take the fall for something he didn’t do.

Despite the fact that Guys is innocent, he pleads guilty to the crime to avoid the death penalty, instead receiving a sentence of life imprisonment. If there is one criticism to be made at this point in the game, it’s that the opening wizzes by at a fast pace and doesn’t give you any time to learn about the world or the characters.​On the other hand, it could be argued that the quick development of the story furthers the feeling of Guys being swept up in something he can’t control. Certain elements used by the writers, such as repetition of phrases, words and scenarios can help to drive home the feeling of bleak helplessness, at least in the first half or so of the game. Many elements such as; mental illness, sexual abuse, depressing and isolating imagery do help to exacerbate the feeling of Guys’ helplessness.

Guys’ introduction to prison life doesn’t start out well, as he is pushed around, beaten and sexually assaulted by one of the guard, Durer, a sadist whose father moves in high governmental circles, which keeps his son’s actions out of the public eye. This will not be the last time Guys encounters Durer, but in an attempt to avoid spoilers, a lot of character interactions will not be mentioned in this review.

As the game progresses, Guys is not only introduced to more hazing and sexual assault by the various inmates of the prison, but he learns more and more about a grand conspiracy that landed him in prison. Each character in the main cast seems to be connected, in some way be it big or small, to the overarching plot that has seen most of them put into a caged hell of sex and violence.

Like most visual novels, there is more than one ending that can be obtained. Each choice you make will inevitably change the ending of the game. As usual there is a neutral, good and bad ending to the game along with more content to be unlocked upon completion. This ranges from new story elements, characters and endings.

Despite Enzai – Falsely Accused has gone beyond the niche appeal of Yaoi games, at least in Japan. It has spawned an OVA (Original Video Animation), several dramatic CD releases (Audiobooks), a novelization and other merchandise that has helped enable a cult following.


  • Decent art Overarching plot Satisfies some kinks


  • Heavy rape/forced sex plot Some sex scenes might put people off
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Value


Enzai – Falsely Accused will divide people. If forced sex / prison sex isn't your thing, then you might as well skip this one and head over to it's squeal.

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