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Review: Armored Warrior Iris

Disclosure: Review copy for this title was provided by MangaGamer.

The nukige genre is one of most scene focused areas in the hentai industry, and it tries to entice players with an abundance of scenes to look at. Armored Warrior Iris by Black Lilith isn’t any different, although it presents its content in a specific manner. One could judge this nukige as common on the surface, but such a preliminary assessment would be false in some regard. For the uninitiated, nukige is similar to eroge except that the primary focus is on causing the player to masturbate.

The falseness of such a statement is evident in its story representation, and it does try to construct a base lore in order to build a more appealing world. This factor is mostly apparent in the main characters, showing some degree of characterization. This doesn’t mean these characters, nor the premise, do much to innovate the genre. These characters live in a futuristic universe that is inhabited by many species. While these species aren’t explained in much detail, this is not a problem, as some H-scenes leave little to interpretation.

Lore is mainly focused on the main characters, and gives the player some insight into the world that affects them. Iris and Mei Ling are both members of certain special forces called Armored Troopers that work for the Federation. This Federation is an organization comprised of different planets and species that have joined together to establish a powerful hold in the universe. Armored Troopers act as elite soldiers and are sent on a variety of missions. It shouldn’t be surprising that only females can be potential Armored Troopers, and the lack of any male counterpart in the preliminary story is evident.

Eventually, Iris and Mei Ling are sent out as escorts to a hostile planet that results in a fierce battle for both sides. The busty character Iris is in the spotlight after this development and the game mainly focuses its attention on her experiences. The relatively slow beginning in terms of H-scenes is made up for in full when Iris gets captured and is forced to work as a prostitute for many different clients and species. Her disgust isn’t hidden, and the game’s auditory aspect does portray these emotions well, although it is not groundbreaking or unique in any way.

Luckily, a huge amount of scenes to choose from makes up for the long wait, delivering on all fronts. Quality and the gorgeous art puts you straight into the action, and the occasional story scenes serve as a break between those scenes. This time is spent on more characterization, and Armored Warrior Iris does it better than most games. It has to be said that the writing in the H-scenes remains cliché, but this repetitive nature doesn’t transfer to the story scenes as they are a refreshing break. I have to applaud the lack of grammar issues as well, as this is yet another game that shows how translation should be done.

Armored Warrior Iris possesses everything the average nukige fan will be hoping to expect. With an abundance of quality scenes, the relatively unusual premise serves as icing on the cake for yet another successful entry by Black Lilith.

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