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Alibi’s Adventure World Appears on Steam Greenlight

Independent Japanese developer Alibi has put up one of their latest games, Adventure World -Alisa the Swordsman-, up on Steam Greenlight.

In order to reach a bigger audience, the indie Japanese dev Alibi is bringing their action RPG Adventure World -Alisa the Swordsman- over the Steam Greenlight as an all-ages title. Alibi had previously released several erotic game titles on the English version of DLsite. That also includes the adult incarnation of the game we are covering today.

The game follows the adventures of Alisa, the titular heroine, in a world filled with adventures, unknown dangerous locations and monsters guarding vast riches. With access to a big open-world map, the player is able to travel to any place they desire on their heroic quest.

At its core, Adventure World is a side-scrolling action RPG. Alisa has access to various skills depending on the weapon she wields. Using them effectively combined with NPC teammates you gain along the way becomes crucial for smooth dungeon runs.

In the adult version of the game, the player gets access to erotic CGs upon defeat and by triggering certain events by progressing through the adventure. Some porn scenes are tied to specific teammates you have in your party, while other ones are triggered by visiting certain places on the map. As is typical for most hentai games, Adventure World also has a costume break system. The more damage Alisa takes in combat, the more of her armor and clothes will get destroyed until she eventually becomes completely naked.

For the Steam edition of the game, the developer plans to replace the h-scenes with milder events like getting robbed or losing your money. While the game will not have any explicit pornographic material, ecchi scenes and CGs will still be present. Be sure to check out some promotional screenshots along with a short gameplay video from the game’s Steam Greenlight page below.

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  • EroBotan

    wow, it’s really rare to see doujin dev translate their game to english! Will love to see this trend continues! Too bad it’s censored though .. but maybe now we can play the english kid’s version to understand the story & use the knowledge to play the mature japanese version?

    • Because of the way the gameplay is done with this one I feel kinda without the H content that its bit lacking maybe if people on steam spot the H version things can go well I guess. Well they’re advertising the dlsite version which is against steam tos but luckily no one has pointed it out. But come the main steam page it could be tricky.

      • EroBotan

        true, maybe they should try kimochi instead so we can have everything intact uncensored

  • snooze321

    Oh god. This is where it starts. If this gets through Greenlight the tide of RPG maker games will be unstoppable.

    • NocturnalRite

      You do know there are already a shit ton of bad RPG Maker games on steam right?