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Lupiesoft Updates The Stargazers with New Information

Lupiesoft, the team behind The Stargazers, has recently released more information on their latest title. The game was originally created for the Yuri Game Jam in September, but development has continued on into the New Year.

Back in August, we covered an interesting new concept – the Yuri Game Jam. The jam, which was due to begin on September 1st, would run for two months and would give developers a chance to shine. The intent of the jam was to create more games that focused on the relationships between women, with the creators inviting everyone to try their hand at the yuri genre. At the time of announcement, we also got wind of our first contestant – Lupiesoft.

Lupiesoft is no stranger to adult games, having worked on numerous titles since their inception. This time their focus would be entirely on yuri, providing us with their newest adventure, The Stargazers. While The Stargazers was created with the intent of fulfilling the requirement of the game jam, Lupiesoft seemingly changed plans and decided to pursue the game as a solo project. The Stargazers is nowhere to be found on the Yuri Game Jam’s entries list, which is now closed for submissions. Free from the two month constraint, and the rules of the jam, Lupiesoft are now able to pursue The Stargazers in a much grander fashion.

That’s just what they’re doing. Just yesterday, Lupiesoft posted a substantial update to their site, adding more details to the story and cast of The Stargazers. While the core of The Stargazers is still present, there have been some key additions to the project. Most notably, the original cast of three has become five. Two new characters have been added, Llwellyn and Hue-lit, who are now a part of the ship’s expanded crew. In addition, it seems as though Lupiesoft have expanded the lore of their world, adding piloted mecha and new ship designs into the mix.

The Stargazers will still be a self-contained title, inspired in part by 50s and 80s sci-fi. This also includes mecha, and interestingly the developers also cite Pulp Fiction as a substantial influence. Time will tell how these come together, but the design aesthetic certainly feels like a sci-fi flick of the past. The Stargazers will absolutely still focus on the yuri aspects as well, one look at the uniforms of some shipmates will tell you that. The relationships in this suggestive visual novel are likely to be expanded to encompass more than the original three, though the plot still references “a group of three pilots.”

According to the artist’s Tumblr page, The Stargazers is due to release in early 2016 on both and Steam. While the game isn’t listed on either service just yet, it’s likely they will end up there at some point this year. The Stargazers is still in development, and so far we’ve only really seen promotional material and concepts, so hold tight for now. Things are looking promising with The Stargazers however, so we’ll keep you updated as things progress. For more news, check out Lupiesoft on Twitter or on their website for character bios and the full story.

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