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Six New Kantai Collection Boob Mousepads in the Works

The days of having a sore wrist and being an admiral of hundreds of attractive ship girls will be a thing of a past with the upcoming release of six new Kantai Collection boob mousepads.

Japanese hobby merchandise publisher Hobby Japan is planning to sell 6 new and unique mousepads based on the popular browser game Kantai Collection. For those unaware of what Kantai Collection or Kancolle (as usually abbreviated by fans) is, it’s a tremendously popular Japanese browser game featuring World War II ships envisioned as beautiful maidens. Japanese publication 4Gamer provides us with a bit more info you can read in translated form below.

Hobby Japan is currently in the planning stage for 6 unique 3D mousepads for the Kantai Collection -Kancolle- series for the third time now. They’re scheduled for late March, 2016.

The designs have changed completely! These new ships appear as “3D mousepads with tits”!!

This highly anticipated 3rd release of Kancolle’s 3D tit mousepads from Hobby Japan will feature new designs, with half damaged clothes, a very real look and feel, and of course, tits that you can see, made with their special mold!

The models for this release include Haruna Kai Ni, Maya Kai Ni, Choukai Kai Ni, Ooyodo Kai, Littorio, and Verniy (Верный in Russian). They’re all unique ships with differing bust sizes, so make sure to take that into account.

Technical specifications:

Price: 4,444yen (tax excluded) Sale date: Late March, 2016 Materials: Polyester, Polyurethane Gel, PVC Size: H 22cm x W 22cm Creators: Hobby Japan

Haruna Kai Ni

Maya Kai N

Choukai Kai Ni

Ooyodo Kai



Managing your ship girls will now be much easier with one of these mousepads and you can say “goodbye” to wrist fatigue as you rest your hand on their plump and soft hulls. All of the mousepads  shown above can be pre-ordered on Hobby Search for 4,222 yen, so be sure to reserve yours before this offer sinks to the ocean depths.

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