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Cypress Zeta, the mind behind the adult RPG Overwhored, recently announced a new public release following a beta period. Overwhored now has a final chapter, and is able to be finished by players. While it’s not 100% complete, it’s moving ever closer to its goal.

We’ve kept an eye on Overwhored for a while now, following its development as it moves closer to a final release. In our LewdLook, we went over what makes this game tick, following the story of “The Overmind”, a tale revolving around an immortal agent of darkness. Specialising in hypnosis and mind breaking, The Overmind gains his power from something sinister – female orgasms.

According to recent blog posts on the Overwhored development site, the game has just reached a new beta phase. Developer Cypress Zeta made two posts, one in late December and one just a few days ago, announcing that the 0.9.5 release of the game was now ready for testing. Initially only available as a beta to Patreon backers, Overwhored can now be downloaded from Bad Kitty Games as a free public release. Importantly, version 0.9.5 of Overwhored adds several new features, and concludes the main storyline for the game.

According to the initial post by Cypress Zeta, the game’s story is now “basically finished”, including “a final boss and an entire complete chapter” for players to end on. While there are still some features missing, it does mean that players will be able to complete the game for the first time. Not wanting to ease off the steam, the final chapter holds, not one, but four separate dungeons for players to enjoy. Each dungeon is unique, featuring a range of game mechanics and encounters, as well as having unique bosses.

Overwhored also has some new, heavily requested features for players to test out. Firstly, and probably best of all, is the addition of new sex scenes. The Tower Mistress and Rubati now have a full scene each in this final chapter, which should be pleasing to fans. Not only this, but now scenes can be repeated too. Players can now access these scenes from a crown in their private quarters, allowing you to relive each steamy moment as much as you see fit. The teleportation system has also been implemented, as well as a number of smaller changes that are to be fully fleshed out in the coming months.

There will also be a number of new battle images for monsters, with each monster now carrying unique art. This goes for characters too, with heroines now having their own backstory as well. This will include some brief flashbacks showcasing their history and how they became what they are today. There are still a few flashback sequences missing from this version, but considering this still isn’t the final release that’s to be expected. Once the 1.0 release does hit, which we can hopefully expect in February, this will all be filled in and expanded upon.

For more news on Overwhored, you can check out the development blog for the latest info. If you want to support the developer and gain access to betas and features before everyone else, check out the Overwhored Patreon. As of right now, you can get public access to Overwhored on either Bad Kitty Games or Kimochi, the adult distribution platform. The Kimochi version may not be updated right now (it’s still on 0.6.1 as of writing), so the best bet for the most recent release is Bad Kitty Games.

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