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Rabi-Ribi Front Cover

Sekai Project to Publish Bunny Girl Platformer Rabi-Ribi

Visual novel publisher Sekai Project has announced they will be publishing Rabi-Ribi, CreSpirit and Kano-Bi’s sexy platformer.

Sekai Project, mainly known for publishing and translating multiple Japanese visual novels into English, has announced on their Twitter that they will be publishing the upcoming Rabi-RibiRabi-Ribi first caught people’s attention in the middle of August earlier this year when Kano-Bi announced the English translation project on Indiegogo and the subsequently put up the game on Steam Greenlight. The Indiegogo campaign managed to gather a bit over $10,000 in flexible funding and the title also successfully passed Steam Greenlight.

Both the Steam Greenlight and the Indiegogo page for the game describe Rabi-Ribi as a 2D exploration platformer with non-linear gameplay, combining both retro pixel graphics with a modern and cute anime aesthetic.

In Rabi-Ribi, the player gets to control the bunny girl Erina, whose gameplay and combat style focuses on getting close and personal with enemies. Erina is also accompanied by a small and scantily clad companion fairy named Ribbon, who helps the bunny girl dispatch monsters from a distance. As you progress through the game, both Erina and Ribbon will gain new abilities (and upgrade older ones) from items hidden throughout the world.

Rabi-Ribi MC

Rabi-Ribi Gameplay

If you still aren’t convinced to give your body, heart and soul to this cute and challenging platformer, consider taking a look at the two gameplay trailers below from Kano-Bi’s official YouTube channel.

To find out more about Rabi-Ribi’s premise, characters and gameplay, be sure to check out our previous coverage from August. The game is currently slated for a release sometime in February of 2016.

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