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Indiegala is Having a Sexy Girls Bundle Sale

Indiegala, the digital distribution platform for PC, is having a very special sale right now. Known as the “Sexy Girls Bundle”, Indiegala is offering a number of adult games for a short period.

It’s the holiday season, so that means everyone from Valve to GoG is having a sale. It’s usually quite a manic time of year, plagued with server problems and outages, or for a certain someone – a total fuck up. Regardless of all the drama, Christmas time is usually a great point to pick up your favourite titles of the year, with consumers seeing huge discounts. Even lewd games are getting some love, particularly on a little site called Indiegala.

Indiegala, a growing distribution platform for the PC, has decided to include some adult games into their repertoire again this sale. They’ve provided a bundle like this in the past, so they’re certainly no stranger to the kinds of games we like to see. Their sales tactic works similarly to the popular Humble Bundle model, with potential buyers paying on or over a certain amount to receive each item. It’s a little bit different, as the price doesn’t fluctuate like it does on Humble, but you’re still getting five games for the price of one.

the great invention 1Image courtesy of The Greatest Invention of the Sexy Era

So, for the next 12 or so days you’ll be able to get your hands on some of these games. The current asking price is a minimum of $9.99, or a maximum of as high as your imagination can take it. That money will likely be split over all the developers, so much like other “pay as you want” models, the higher you choose the more support you’re giving. For that price, you get five games: The Greatest Invention of the Sexy Era, Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage?, Conquering the Queen, Cosplay Alien and Hypno-Training My Mother and Sister.

You can check out a short preview of each of these titles below, all of which are firmly in the 18+ category. There’s nothing softcore here. Indiegala have kindly provided some information themselves, but the main listing to these games is still on MangaGamer. We’ve done you a favour, and melded the two together. You can check out the games using the links below, and then hit Indiegala if you’ve made a decision. For news of more naughty sales and releases, stay tuned to Lewd Gamer.

the great invention of the sexy era cover

The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

Animation, Comedy, School, Sci-fi, No Mosaic, Female Voice

An adult visual novel, take charge in this high school adventure title. Fully voiced, uncensored and animated, this naughty novel is sure to make anyone want to join the science club! Read more about this comedy caper on MangaGamer.

Magical Teacher My Teacher’s a Mage cover

Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage?

Comedy, Cosplay, Magic, School, Incest, No Mosaic, Female Voice

When a young man discovers he has magical powers, he finds himself plunged into a strange new world. Having been recently rescued from a bizarre, living statue, our hero vows to help fight this magical menace – when he hears his crush will be helping too. Voiced and uncensored, read more about this magical adventure on MangaGamer.

Conquering the Queen cover

Conquering the Queen

Battle, Fantasy, Hardcore, No Mosaic, Female Voice

Our hero, Vincent, finds himself lost in the lands between two warring nations. Seeking his own gain, his thoughts are quickly dashed when he hears a scream. Upon entering the clearing, he discovers none other than the Princess Roxana. Mosaic free and with female voicework, find out more about this hardcore fantasy game on MangaGamer.

Cosplay Alien Cover

Cosplay Alien

Comedy, Cosplay, No Mosaic, Female Voice

Yuusaku and his friends are attending classes as normal, when suddenly a mysterious UFO passes overhead. As the academy panics, a beautiful alien girl appears, claiming to have come all this way just for Yuusaku. Discovering more about him, the alien begins to exploit his fetishes in order to win his heart. With no mosaics and female voice work, find out more on MangaGamer.

Hypno Training My Mother and Sister cover

Hypno-Training My Mother and Sister

Hardcore, Suspense, Big Boobs, Hypnosis, Incest, Mosaics, Female Voice

One for incest lovers, Minoru has done the unimaginable – hypnotised his mother and sister. As they follow his every whim, Minoru ponders the situation. How was it, that even Saki, who loathed her older brother, fell to his spell? Unable to disobey even the slightest order, Minoru is bound to have fun in this hardcore adventure. For more details, check out MangaGamer.

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  • YuneKirby

    Sweet. Starting to be somewhat of a rare occurrence to see a decent bundle pack where I don’t already own one or more of the games, but all of these are new to me. ^_^

  • Kelborne

    All look like your typical, generic rape and humiliation fantasy… Not interested.
    And personally, it always irritates me to see the rapist in these things referred to as “the hero.”

    • nomotog

      How can you tell? I looked for in depth descriptions, but didn’t really find much.

      • Kelborne

        Well, two of them are called “Conquering the Queen” and “Hypno-training my Mother and Sister,” so those are pretty self-explanatory. Following the links to MangaGamer and reading the descriptions and reviews there filled out most of the blanks for the others. Cosplay Alien, at least, seems to forgo the sex offender route.

        • nomotog

          Ok I guess the titles give away those two games, and the reviews on The invention one give that away, (A real shame because the idea of sexy inventors is fun.) What about the magic one?

          Shouldn’t this kind of stuff be easy to find on the label though?

          • RocKM001 .

            The first one seems to be more of a comedy than straight out dark nukige though.., the main character seems more like a malicious inventor targeting girls who annoyed him than full on capture/hypnosis/nukige stuff

            The other 2 titles are pretty vanilla/harem

        • RocKM001 .

          Eh? The Magical Teacher and Cosplay Alien one seems more vanilla/fantasy/comedy stuff than the usual nukige….

          It’s a pretty even mix of genres from the list of stuff released…