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ATOM GRRRL!! Hits Steam Greenlight

Sekai Project’s ATOM GRRRL!! is now on Steam’s Greenlight service. The game, which saw an English release back in June, will now go through the voting process before being approved.

Back in June, we received word that Sekai Project would be picking up another title for English release. Sekai Project is best known for their translations and localization projects, bringing a host of visual novels over to our side of the world. This new project, known as ATOM GRRRL!!, was mentioned in a tweet by Sekai at the time, though no further information was given. Now we’ve got that information, and we’re here to share it with you.

It seems as though ATOM GRRRL!! has recently appeared on Steam’s Greenlight service, and is currently going through the voting motions. As everyone likely already knows, Sekai Project will need to show that enough interest is out there in order for Valve to approve the title. This likely won’t be too hard, particularly when you consider the other titles have been approved using Greenlight. Sekai Project likely saw that interest when picking up the title, which was originally created by doujin circle Cosmillica, so we should expect things to go well.

atom grrrl 1

ATOM GRRRL!! itself is the story of a girl named Jessica. Focusing on the seedy underbelly of society, ATOM GRRRL!! seeks to transform the traditional gangster trope into a yuri adventure. Returning from a lengthy trip abroad, Jessica arrives home in America seeking to reclaim her old gang, “The 99th Floor”. Things aren’t going to be easy for her however, as it turns out that her family are in trouble with the local mafia boss. Trying to put all the pieces back together, Jessica must face her problems head on, though there could be a very big problem around the corner. That’s not even counting the sword penis.

So far, ATOM GRRRL!! has received some interaction with the Steam Community, so much so that original developer Cosmillica commented on it. While there are some positives there, this wouldn’t be the internet if there weren’t any negatives. Developer Cosmillica however isn’t taking it too seriously, stating that there are “some negative words include [sic] but I just think it’s funny.” It’s certainly admirable to take negativity in your stride, and just create what you want to create regardless of a backlash.

Of course, there is still one downside. Due to ATOM GRRRL!! being released on Steam, this will only be a softcore version. According to the Visual Novel Database, there is due to be an 18+ release alongside it, however this is currently TBA. This is really down to Sekai Project, but as the original Japanese version is 18+ only it would be good to see two versions. Regardless, we will keep you informed on this crime thriller visual novel, but in the meantime check out Steam Greenlight to investigate for yourself.

ATOM GRRRL!! Boss Dildo

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  • snooze321

    Yuri gangsters; brilliant. On a related note, I haven’t re-watched Se7en in quite a while.

  • IcepickEvans

    As a lewd yuri fan, I would definitely like to see the adult version get a release. That said, this title looks to be actually interesting regardless. At least its not another high school slice of life romance that seems to pervade almost every (especially yuri) setting, so this looks like a breath of fresh air.