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"Together with the Wolf Girl" Gets a Trial Version Update

Seismic’s long-awaited Together with the Wolf Girl 3D rendered porn animation, starring Liru from the anime series Renkin 3-kyu Magical? Pokaan, has just received a trial version update.

Just as a small crab eventually emerges from the comfort of its underwater stone castle, the 3D CG developer known as seismic (and myuRanRan) has finally updated us on the progress of his latest animation Together with the Wolf Girl. The production, dubbed “Never Ever Wolf Girl” by Western fans due to the long delay in its release, may finally be out soon. Seismic has updated his official blog with new information on an update to the DLSite trial version of his 3D erotic game. The new update allows users to use the game’s “Shout” function and also adds a language switching function between Japanese and English. You can read the relevant translated part of the blog post below for more information.

Hey everyone, good work. It’s myuRanRan here with a work update-ish blog post. It’s December now, and it’s gonna start getting really cold…at least, it’s supposed to. But here it’s still pretty warm, so all the snow’s melting. I hear that in the South they’re even getting some hurricanes and whatnot…it’s possible we might not have a white Christmas this year…it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Anyway, for the main topic, I updated the trial version on DLSite. Compared to the previous one, this one now has “Shout” functionality, Chapter and Language select, etc. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any problems before release, which is why I updated the trial. The main changes are listed below:

“Shout” functionality that allows you to play with a mic.

“Smoothing” settings on fullscreen mode

Japanese/English language switching

Environment SFX added along with a sound slider in the options

Chapter select function (on the bottom left of the screen)

A little bit of the meal scene is watchable

I especially want to make sure Shout! works properly as in this video, so if there are any problems, please let me know. As for the main draw, the video in the trial version, aside from adding in a bit of the meal scene, nothing much has changed, but if you feel like it, feel free to try again. Oh, and I’m trying to get the user manual for the English version translated real quick, so that should be good to go soon as well.

The DLSite shop page for Together with the Wolf Girl lists the premiere as December 2016, not 2015. Knowing seismic’s tendencies to “troll” his audience, might just be one of his latest practical jokes. The tone of the blog post itself makes us believe that the animation will be indeed coming out just before the end of this year. With some luck and seismic’s own good will, we might just end up avoiding a future pictured in the image below.

A few months ago, we covered the development process of seismic’s Together with the Wolf Girl along with a brief history of most of his past animations. If you’re interested in seismic and his work, as well as some of the core features of his latest project, be sure to read this article.

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