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Onomatope*’s latest comedy/drama visual novel and eroge Libra of the Vampire Princess about a secretive vampire society has found its way on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Released in Japan on October 30th of this year, XERO and onomatope*’s Libra of the Vampire Princess now has a Kickstarter lead by adult game publisher MiKandi Japan. The Kickstarter’s goal is to bring the vampire visual novel over to the West in an English version. As XERO puts it on the “About” section of their crowdfunding project, they want to make sure that Japanese visual novel makers start considering the potential Western audiences when creating new games. If the project is successful, it might make other producers follow in XERO’s footsteps and help usher in a new trend in the Japanese VN industry.

Libra of the Vampire Princess was previously approved on Steam Greenlight within a week of it appearing there. Now, when the game’s English localization is finally on Kickstarter, MiKandi of Japan and XERO are asking for $125,000 to fully fund the campaign. The 50+ hour visual novel with 4 main routes and cute vampire girls will get both a digital Steam release and physical DRM-free versions.  About 50% of the funding’s budget will go the translation efforts directly, 20% will be used for backer rewards, 20% for additional game development and the final 10% will pay the Kickstarter fees.

There are also a few stretch goals in place if the project goes over the $125,000 goal. Take a look at the infographic below to find out what they are.

For more information about the game’s characters, the staff that working on the project and miscellaneous backer rewards, just go to Libra of the Vampire Princess Kickstarter page directly.

As you can probably predict, the Steam release of the game will not feature any erotic scenes. Fret not however, as MiKandi Japan’s FAQ about the VN already addresses this problem.

Provided our Kickstarter is a success, XERO and MiKandi Japan are building an English version of the game for release on Steam. MiKandi (our partner in the US, the world’s largest adult app store) will be distributing a patch. Please contact MiKandi (US) for more details regarding the patch.

The original Japanese release of Libra of the Vampire Princess has its sex scenes censored with mosaics. In the middle of October, MiKandi Japan has asked fans via a poll  how they would like those scenes presented in the English language release. An overwhelming 79.3% of the answers have favored an uncensored version.

If the Kickstarter (currently closing in on $30,000 with 39 days to go) is successful, the whole translation process will take up to 8 months. As a result, the English release of Libra of the Vampire Princess is expected sometime during Fall of 2016.

With the amazing success of the Muv-Luv Kickstarter ending at $1,255,444, we hope Japanese visual novels will keep on getting more English releases in the near future and that some of the bigger titles released exclusively in Japan will get the rightful attention they deserve.

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