Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Fallout 4 nude mods have found their place among the hundreds of currently available mods and settled in just fine. To make your Fallout 4 experience a more “rewarding” one, modders have been finding new ways to inject eroticism into the game. One of the results of that is a mod featuring nude ghouls.

Yes, you read that that right, nude ghouls of both the female and male variety. If you ever wondered what fully naked ghouls look like and what exactly has become of their junk, the first mod we’ll be covering here, simply named “Nude Ghouls” by sardonumspa, will answer all of your questions. If you have a fetish for scars, this seems to be your lucky day as the ghoul skin is mostly all burn scars and melted flesh. “What about that legendary ghoul dick?”, you may ask. Well, take a look at the screenshots to find out for yourself! The Fallout 4 Nude Ghouls mod is now available for download on nexusmods together with the installation instructions.

There are a lot of clothing choices available in the newest Fallout. Considering the nature of the game, most of them probably won’t make you go “Oh, this is sexy!”. Fear not, as the modding community has your tastes covered in that aspect as well! The Black Sexy Corset mod by Black Widowmaker will make corset and g-string combo lovers drop everything and get this pretty well-textured mod. Ass amateurs should also be sated, as g-strings leave all of the booty exposed for ogling.  You can now obtain this Glorious Female Nude Mod inspired mod by going over to the appropriate nexusmods page. Do not forget to take a look at the screenshots below.

There is only so much you can do with textures in a game like Fallout 4. With no proper modding tools available just yet, modders like jerity do their damnedest to get the most out of  what they are given with the default models. His Enhanced Female Skin NUDE mod uses a skin texture from high-resolution photos, replaces the original underwear texture and offers limited pubic hair options. The mod is still in a “work in progress” state and will be updated over time. There’s always the attached screenshots to inspect if you’re curious or if you already decided to give this one a go, head over to the nexusmods page for the mod and follow the installation instructions after the download.

Default in-game paintings not hot enough for your liking? The Adult magazine billboards and posters mod by Nalim fixes the demand for pornographic photos in a post-apocalyptic world where most sexy billboards have been turned to ash by atomic flames. All the images used in this mod come from before 1964 and are public domain. Check out some of the sample images from the mod below and download it here from the nexusmods website.

Body writing is a fetish that has been gaining some grounds lately in the Eastern porn market, but what if you ditched the writing and made entire lewd drawings on the naked bodies of characters? This “lewdception” idea is brought to you by JiroDracul with his Hentai Tattoos Mod. The nude textures of player characters will now have hentai drawings all over their bodies. No need to let your imagination run wild, just take a peek for yourself. The mod can be downloaded on this nexusmods page along with installation instructions.

The last mod we are going to cover today is specifically made for fans of heavy-duty knockers and bottoms. The BUSTY mod made by UltimateZero utilizes a few hex edits to the game’s files, increasing the breast and ass size in relation to the character’s musculature and weight settings. The days of medium-sized chests and fatless asses are quickly becoming dark memories of the past. With the BUSTY mod, we have a temporary solution to the lack of proper modding tools and not being able to switch out game models. This mod is, of course, available at nexusmods and is pretty easy to install as well.

Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 nude mods coverage, as we are getting closer to the release of the official modding tools sometime in early 2016.

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