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The Erotic 3D Forum, Digital Ero, Gets its Own Adult Game

Announced in the bustling media metropolis that is Hongfire, Digital Ero: The Game has been brought to life. The game, which has styled itself using the well-known Garry’s Mod, is a visual novel based off the stories and characters created on the 3D hentai site, Digital Ero.

You may or may not have heard of Digital Ero. Digital Ero is a forum that focuses 3D artwork, providing an outlet for artists and writers to come together to share their knowledge and work. The forums also provide useful tutorials and guides, as well as various resources for working with 3D models and Source Film Maker. Digital Ero hosts a fairly large user base, with around 33,000 members at the latest count. It’s no surprise then that an indie title based on its exploits has been made available to the public.

The game, titled Digital Ero: The Game, is a visual novel that was created from the many stories and characters put forth on the forums. In particular, the game focuses on the life of one man – Dean Demasso, a poor computer geek who’s still searching for his path in life. The game is mostly narrated by Dean, and opens with a short introduction detailing Dean’s mysterious connection with a research lab, and something named “Project Eden”. The mysterious narrator admits that if Project Eden — and by extension, Dean — fails, then all hope may be lost. We’re not let in on very much; all we know is that Dean’s probable success rate with Eden is very high.

Digital Ero is set in the luxurious DE Clubhouse, an exclusive hang-out for the ultra-rich. Dean has managed to sneak his way inside, with nothing but a half empty glass and a grim outlook on life. Trying not to get caught by the guards, Dean must work his way through the night based on the choices and moves you make as the player. A fateful encounter, a night to remember – it’s all down to you. One wrong step could spell disaster, and as with most visual novels, the player will be given various choices to make, from something as simple as what to drink to something much more important.

Digital Ero was made using Python, a robust and user friendly language that’s the favorite of many a developer. It’s certainly not the most common choice for video game developers, but it can achieve results. Digital Ero features assets primarily from the infamous Garry’s Mod, a Source engine title that’s responsible for many a night’s entertainment. Garry’s Mod popularized an entire YouTube genre, and is likely what pushed Valve to make their Source Film Maker tool available to all. You’ll see some models you may recognize in Digital Ero, as well as some new ones. All things considered, they look quite good, with Dean himself actually looking very cute.

Digital Ero has quite a few features under its belt for an indie title. Players can enjoy HD resolutions, fully animated sex scenes, and a variety of endings to experience. The game also has a bunch of options, allowing players to customize their ideal experience with the game. As well as the classic sliders for sound, players can change text speed, customize skipping of dialogue, turn off transitions and even play with a joystick. That last one is certainly going to be useful if your other hand is busy.

This is only the first episode of Digital Ero, but the development team hopes to make more in due time. According to Giantkrill, the creator, Episode 1 took around 2 months to complete. The game was originally created around 7 months ago, so it’s likely there’s been time to plan further ahead. Giantkrill stated that he hopes to eventually make a long arcing story that will unfold over several more episodes, uncovering more of our hero Dean. Of course, Dean will have the pleasure of plenty of women in that time too, so there’s certainly a drive there for him.

You can find the game and a small, accompanying description on the Hongfire forums . The download link already in the post by Giantkrill, and the title doesn’t require anything special to run. You can also check out the forum that served as the game’s inspiration, Digital Ero. Lastly, there’s also a trailer for the game, which we’ve included here for the intrigued and doubtful alike. Stay tuned to LewdGamer for future developments on Digital Ero.

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