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Divine Arms Top-Down Hentai Action Game Demo Released

Erotic game development studio ViperV has released their first demo of Divine Arms, a 2D flash action game in which you purify gateway crystals while fighting off hoards of nasty enemies.

The independent flash game developer known as kReig has recently founded a new studio named ViperV to create erotic games. He previously created many titles under the GodSeeD studio name like Forbidden Arms, Manamancers and Witch Hunt. With Divine Arms, the developer wanted to create something more raunchy, but with the same level of gameplay quality as his previous creations. Check out some saucy game information taken from the game’s Patreon account below.

The Story

Divine Arms is a tale of celestial personas. Their universe formed when the Stellar Titans Ribolg and Maelia had an epic sexual encounter.

Their sweat formed ice and comets, their moans produced black holes and radiation, each clash from the heavenly bodies created super clusters. After billions of light-years of endless intercourse, their climatic big bang basically gave birth to their universe, Maribolgka.

The event also spawned an infinite number of celestial beings. And these entities have been at constant war with each other.

In the infinite factions, we center the story of Divine Arms to a certain celestial clan known as the Featheration.

…stupid name, huh? Bear with me. It’s part of the story.

The Featheration is a race of winged celestials. We can reference them to angels and they have recently created the Marionette Drive.

The Marionette Drive is a special Divine Armament that functions like a remote control. And in the many pages of the multiverse, ours is the closest to Maribolgka. The chosen puppeteer is you, on Earth, and basically, the Marionette Drive is your mouse and keyboard.

You get to control an aspiring Celestial Diviner named Sigil Aetherwink.

Her nickname is SIggy. And she’s also our main character.

In the best timing of all, a neighboring ally suddenly waged war with the Featheration. Your task is to test the prototype Marionette Drive with Siggy by investigating the supposed ally clan who waged war on yours,  and vanquishing them in the process.

Will you control Siggy to defeat the enemy or lead her to their trap to enjoy the scene of her being plundered against her will?

The Gameplay

Your task is to make sure she survives and purify the corrupted crystals that also serve as gateways to your clan’s fief. As her puppeteer, you must evade enemy attacks and use the mouse to look around and obliterate enemies with devastating spells you can unlock and upgrade.


To reveal a bit of the story… the leader of the Featheration has been quite infamous for naming his loyal subjects and just about everything that he owns or claim.

And as you can see, he’s really bad at it. This irritates Siggy to unfathomable measures. However, he is the law and a power-tripping boss… so, yeah…

Anyway, Sexzattack is a special skill that enemies in the game can unleash upon Siggy. If you, as the puppeteer fails to evade it, Siggy will be seized by the attacker and will get sexually violated and possibly display the gameover scene at you.

You are given options on how to address the situation. Again, as Siggy’s marionette driver, you can let her indulge or resist and try to escape from the lascivious assault.

Purifying crystals will not always mean defeating all enemies in the area: In some stages, the player will be challenged with defending the crystals or clearing dungeons full of traps and puzzles to solve. In a thread posted on The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums, the dev mentioned that the dungeon layouts will be similar to those from The Legend of Zelda series and the puzzles themselves will feature sex scenes as a required solution trigger.

For the full game, the developer is planning to add much more content, which will include 25 different enemy types and 10 enemies designed specifically by his Patreon backers (each one with their own sex scene), and 30 stages in 6 varied area biomes, with every area ending with a boss battle and booby-trap and puzzle sex scenes. KReig predicts that if he is able to get enough funds to work on the game full-time, you could expect Divine Arms to be finished within a year.

The demo version of Divine Arms can be downloaded by following this link or even played in your browser on Newgrounds if you are so inclined. If you would like to support kReig with his game development projects, you can donate to his Patreon as well. To get regular updates on Divine Arms development process, be sure to regularly visit his Blogspot and Tumblr pages.

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